SAP S/4HANA Cloud for 1808 saw a slew of features coming in for the intelligent ERP in the cloud. The previous releases have seen major updates in the form of Machine Learning capabilities, updates to various modules – this release is no different. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the highlights across all the modules.




Business Exception Detection for SAP Financial


  • Autonomously detect unusual business situations in revenue, and cost accounts and throw alerts
  • The in-built smart exception-detection algorithm makes it easy to resolve issues. It allows us to look at specific business deviations
  • This functionality is not part of the standard scope and has to be procured through additional licenses



Accounts Receivable Overview Page


  • The overview app focuses on key trends and illustrates the accounts receivable process flow
  • Serves as a central place for extensive analysis of the financial process





Proposal of Options for Materials without Purchase Contract:


ML Algorithm proposes the contract for materials and based on the detailed information decisions can be made, whether the same contract can be utilized. If yes, one can directly create an RFQ to determine the best possible supplier.



Purchasing Group based on Material Group in Professional Purchase Requisitions


Configuration can be done to establish a relationship between the material group and purchasing group. So, the purchasing group corresponding to a material group is determined automatically.




Demand-Driven Replenishment


Machine learning accentuates the buffer-proposal calculation for materials with a source of supply type “stock transfer”.


Capacity Evaluation and Adjustment


The SAP Fiori “Manage Work Center Capacity” app with 1808 release can now detect and resolve overload situations. One can evaluate the load of work centers. Within a specific horizon, evaluation of the capacity is done in various buckets.





Cap in Time and Expense Billing


For T&M projects a cap can be set as an upper bound, at billing item level. The final amount negotiated with the client is mentioned.


New Staffing Analysis Application


This Application enables the project manager to know about resources required for a particular project and the effort distribution involved.





Track Sales Orders using Natural Language


The Track sales order app comes in handy for an overview sales documents and the respective process phases. It gives detailed information such as customer reference or sold to party.


Predictive Analytics for Sales Forecasts


With this app sales managers can get a bird’s eye view of their entire sales function—targets achieved, margin etc., thanks to embedded analytics.





The mobile app on iOS accentuates the conversational experience. Co-pilot also aids the user in creating incidents, delivering feedbacks and providing timely alerts.



SAP S/4HANA Cloud Localization


SAP S/4HANA Cloud added three additional countries, namely Finland, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. So, totally 36 countries with 20 languages, and there are localized functions for each country. Ex: India-GST.


The above are the top features in the 1808 release. This update has certainly brought in plenty of functionalities and has increased the smartness of the ERP.


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