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Workforce Collaboration Offerings

SAP Employee Self Service (ESS) & Manager Self Service (MSS)


Empowering Talent with Emancipating Tools

SAP Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web enabled employee-friendly, self-service tool. It allows individuals to manage own records with features for updating personal information, checking benefits, making time sheet submissions, creating travel requests, and travel expense reimbursement among others.

Kaar provides this great module with real-time access and data maintenance capabilities to the master source. It relieves the HR function of data entry and customer service activities and helps them focus on core hiring strategy and people management. It also gives employees more control over their own data. This covers aspects such as personal data, benefits and payments, appraisals, training, corporate info, life and work events, travel management, career and job issues etc.


Empowering Managers with Elevated Tools

When a company uses manager self-service software it will empower managers to oversee employees and budgets more minutely. Business teams can extract data and perform transactions to create superior, smarter decisions for building and developing the workforce for achieving business goals.

Kaar helps you identify, retain and reward your talent correct through this solution suite. One can recruit the appropriate talent according to departmental needs and take rational decisions based on logistical and financial information at your very fingertips.

SAP e-Travel

On-the-go solutions for Ready-to-go Users

Travel is an important aspect in the any organization. Executives fly for meetings, talent head out for on-site projects and many employees fly home for the holidays. SAP e-Travel is integrated seamlessly into the general SAP infrastructure and workflows, offering the management full trip life cycle and providing better information to support all travel related decisions.

Kaar’s integrated solution links all phases of travel management from initial trip request and pre-trip approval to planning, online booking, submitting and settling travel expenses. All the steps happen within the SAP setup with automated notifications and the consolidation of travel data distributed over multiple locations. Travel Managers approve the trips in SAP, and once trips are completed, travelers find all trip elements in the SAP expense management solution.

SAP HCM Processes & Forms

Efficiency in Personnel-based Data for Cross-role Processes

Another blessing for HR administrative services component is the dynamic SAP HCM Processes & Forms. It enables the development and implementation of specific processes irrespective of data, process flow and roles involved. This solution offers an efficient way to manage cross-role processes involving HR Master Data.

One can use interactive forms to integrate roles directly in the process. It reduces processing time for HR and eliminates incorrect entries by using the system to integrate all involved roles.This adds value to processes for a broader set of users and extends the reach of enterprise applications, while easily pulling vital data from SAP.

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