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SAP e-Recruiting

New Age Recruiting with Long-term Gains

Any HR’s dream scenarios is the perfect head hunting software that finds the right talent and retaining the same. SAP E-Recruiting has recruitment instruments that help companies scout for new employees, hire them in suitable positions as per capabilities, promote professional growth, and retain candidates for the long haul.

Kaar’s SAP E-Recruiting solution encompasses human resources management, by applicants tracking, shortlisting potential candidates, and consequently, the employees. By creating a talent bank, one can identify the best possible candidate and also give an insight about long term key positions for the company’s future route.

SAP Objective Setting Appraisal (OSA)

Goal-setting in a Common Direction

SAP HR’s objective-setting and appraisal capabilities enables user-defined appraisal processes that assure appraisals are performed in a formalized and standardized manner.

Kaar’s OSA solution is embedded with mechanisms to allow measurable comparisons, yield performance-based compensation, and promote personnel development in synch with corporate objectives. It also has a trust building repercussion for both managers and employees as company goals are aligned with individual contributions. This enhances performances and fosters team spirit.

SAP Learning Solution (LSO)

Quality Staff Training Creates a Sturdy Organization

Within a single window SAP Enterprise Learning brings learning management systems and content management systems to provide an all-inclusive training platform for an organization. It integrates functionality for back-office ERP with both areas and provides scope for traditional classroom training, virtual learning events, web-based training, and computer-based training, with collaboration features.

Fully integrated with the SAP ERP HCM solution, Kaar’s LSO solution applies a comprehensive approach by creating learning paths catering to individual educational requirements. It is helpful in forging an employee’s career path within the organization, which also promotes retention.


Align, Optimize & Accelerate with Faster Deployment at a Lower Cost

It’s people that ultimately make all the difference in an organization. An enterprise can blossom to its maximum potential when the right talent hired for the right job. Unplanned, unfocused HR activities do not allow employee growth or produce results for the organization in line with the business strategy.

Kaar offers the Cloud-based SuccesFactors with the right systems, processes, and tools to align the workforce to business strategy, optimize performances and accelerate business results with insights leading to improved productivity. The world-class suite of talent solutions consists of core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics to improve productivity and engage, retain, and motivate employees. It celebrates employee development alongside process efficiency and transactional cost savings.

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