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Overcoming Barriers and Bettering Outcomes with Insights & Speed

In today’s business world analytics helps one make the best possible decision due to deep-rooted insights. SAP HANA analytics does this every time. It is a dynamic, multi-purpose, data-source-agnostic, in-memory appliance that combines SAP software components optimized on hardware provided, and delivered, by SAP’s leading hardware partners.

It’s powerful in-memory database is the superior capability that delivers across the five dimensions of decision processing: breadth (examine big data from various sources), depth (render complex questions on granular data), high-speed (get quick, interactive responses), simplicity (remove the requirement for data preparation), and real time (pose real-time queries on real-time data).

Kaar offers HANA that helps source immediate responses for all business questions, even regarding big data. It also gets to the bottom of interactive, complication issues by getting to the core of granular data. It also cuts down the time required for results by delivering in split seconds and lessens development cycles by eliminating pre-aggregation cubes requirement. Additionally, it uses data latency caused by ETL through real-time application.

The following are the exclusive HANA services employed by Kaar in task execution:

HANA Consulting

HANA consulting consists of four distinct entities, each with specialized features. HANA Readiness Assessment helps enterprises closely examine their business and map HANA fitment.

HANA Instance Sizing recommends HANA sizing and data replication options while Hardware Procurement looks into the purchasing of HANA appliances at an optimal cost. Then there is Project Charter for the preparation of the HANA implementation project plan.

HANA Implementation

This vertical consists of SAP BW Upgrade & SAP HANA Conversion to enable the migration of existing SAP Net weaver Business Warehouse into SAP HANA, along with SAP Business Suite on HANA for new SAP Business Suite implementation on SAP HANA.

HANA Migration

Migrations of two types operate under this. There are SAP Applications, where in there is the migrating of existing SAP application DB into SAP HANA DB. There are also Non-SAP Applications with non-SAP legacy data migration into SAP HANA using SAP Landscape Transformation and Data Services.

HANA Support

This encompasses end-to-end HANA Support Services administration with expertise fronts such as monitoring and support, HANA component upgrade and HANA fine tuning.

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