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Business Continuity Services Offerings

Lifecycle Management

Stay Relevant and Up-to-date for Maximum Industry Impact and Returns

For any software, hardware combination timely upgrades are necessary to stay current and yield maximum results. Similarly SAP systems need to be modified continually to remain relevant. Industry challenges, new regulations and expanding business are major drivers to boost unimplemented modules. Lifecycle Management includes moving SAP solutions from one version to the next version by incorporating new functional capabilities. Fine-tuning of the existing system is needed from time to time to optimize business processes and embrace newer SAP technologies.

Kaar’s SAP experts have acquired extensive experience in SAP projects upgrading offering services such as general system assessment service, technical upgrade and legacy to enterprise upgrade.

Support and Maintenance Services

The global economy is constantly under a wave of transformation. Market expectations and consumer requirements are constantly undergoing change. In this demanding environment, businesses aim to reduce and control recurring operational cost. SAP Application Support and Maintenance Services helps enterprises manage rising operational cost effectively.

With deep understanding of current market demands and vast SAP experience, Kaar’s unique value proposition combines customized support models based on cost value proposition. With well-defined methodologies and processes Kaar offers reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximum business value.


Disaster Recovery Set Up

Staying Cautious with a Holistic Strategy

When one’s business is on the rise with soaring profits, little heed is paid to the cost of operations being disrupted by downtime. Disaster Recovery must never take a backseat. It essentially involves an over-all strategy including people, policies, processes and technologies, which are all critical to business functions.

Kaar helps plan and execute Disaster Recovery for all kinds of systems on SAP infrastructure with a mix of resiliency tools and experienced disaster specialists – all within an affordable budget. With the solution suite one can reduce the magnitude of loss by lessening the duration of a critical application or service interruption. It also assesses damage – extent and repair possibilities and activates the disrupted IT enabled business service. Data recovery is streamlined in an effective manner for all critical operations. Further, technology training is also provided to users.

Landscape Migration

Making Migration Challenges Effortless & Easy

Generally at the time of migration, there are certain challenges faced in the case of SAP system migration. This can involve issues such as budget, time allocation challenges, syncing business goals to migration, complications pertaining to data quality, data gaps or data consolidation issues due to dissimilar among others. Landscape Migration resolves these challenges with ease. A certified SAP consultant like Kaar is a must for such an exercise.

With a fixed cost migration service, Kaar lessens the major cost overrun hurdle. Having migrated hundreds of SAP projects Kaar brings to the table proven track record and meticulous methodology.

Solution Manager

Lowering Costs and Increasing Reliability

It is critical for growth to derive maximum value from the SAP solution environment of an enterprise. SAP Solution Manager is an effective integration of a range of tools, content, and direct access to SAP to manage everything from deployment to solution monitoring and improvement.

Kaar offers solutions structured around an SAP support contract, to optimize core business processes and IT infrastructure. In fact it explores the relationship between the two for answers and fosters collaborations between one lines of business and IT. It supports SAP and non-SAP software, including future SAP releases.

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