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In today’s world where sustainable growth is not an option but inevitable for organizations to stay afloat and remain competitive, it makes it a huge challenge for the leaders of the organizations to maintain a holistic and unified view of the organization consistently to support their decision-making process. Technology has evolved in its effort to address this requirement in the form of Dashboards which have become the front-end and first line of access to business intelligence and often the best way to gain insight into an organization’s operations and performance. However, the ability to integrate and visualize reports across technologies, applications and formats continue to be a scope for improvement resulting in the senior management reviewing and maintaining multiple dashboards in silos without the necessary means to make collective sense out of them.

As Annnie M. Mulcahy puts it “Customers require the effective integration of technologies to simplify their Workflow and boost efficiency” and it is what Kaar’s proprietary Management Cockpit solution endeavors to achieve. Kaar Management Cockpit is a dashboard based Integration solution which brings a holistic view of the entire Management and Operational faces of the Organization, a significant need in deed for the Senior Management Executives.


  • The Operational and Management systems of organizations exist in its separate Silos resulting in;
    1. Decreased efficiency in decision making
    2. Lack of immediate response in cases of business emergencies and disaster recoveries
    3. Lack of transparency or visibility to business critical cause and effect
    4. Immense time and manual effort spent on data crunching and complex analysis which are still error prone.
  • An overall insight on the various dimensions of the Organization was not readily available.
  • Lack of integration between various systems means unutilized data potential
  • The overall functioning of the organization lacked a constitutional transparency.

Proposed solution

Kaar Management Cockpit is an Integration Solution which seamlessly espouses and connects various facets of an Organization. It is a dashboard solution that integrates MIS Reports, Multiple dashboards, SAP ECC Reports, CCTV Live Streaming Camera and footage, Twitter feeds, CEO calendars, etc. Illustrated below is the snapshot of the Home Page of the Management Cockpit developed for internal consumption at Kaar;


Snapshot of Home Page – Kaar Management Cockpit

As depicted, the various functionalities that are integrated in the Cockpit are:

  • SAP BO Dashboards
  • Non SAP Dashboards
  • Management Information Reports (MIS)
  • SAP ECC Reports
  • CCTV Live Streaming Camera and footage
  • KaaR News Feeds
  • The official published Calendar of the CEO
  • Monthly & Daily management reports

The SAP BO Dashboards, which are incorporated in the Cockpit, are a collection of Sales Dashboards, Project systems Dashboards and HR dashboards which contain structured, analysed and methodical data in its respective functions. Similarly Non – SAP dashboards gives us a platform to view, connect and assimilate data from other systems like Oracle, PeopleSoft and other ERP.


Snapshot of a Sample Executive Dashboard through Kaar Management Cockpit

Management Information Reports (MIS), which give a very holistic view on the overall workings of an Organization, are useful to evaluate business activities, become aware of problems that arise, make decisions, track progresses and could even be used to forecast certain Operational critical decisions. Some of the MIS reports integrated in the Cockpit are HR, Pre-Sales, Inside Sales, Delivery, Finance, Business development reports, etc.


Snapshot of a MIS Reports section in Kaar Management Cockpit

Live Streaming among Dashboards

The most underrated and least focused activity which is undertaken in any Business development scenario is Security, in spite of it being profoundly impacting. We, at Kaar, take Security of its employees and visitors quite seriously. After all, we are more akin to a family than an organization and we take pride in it. Keeping this in mind, we have integrated live streaming of CCTV footages from all over the Organization into the Management Cockpit. A dynamic tile based News feed is incorporated in the Cockpit which displays twitter and RSS feeds from the Kaar website.

Ease of Access and Use

Single Sign-on (SSO) or Login to access the entire system, without having to logon using separate Usernames and password for every Data Cluster.


Key Advantages

  • Integration – Holistic view
    The management personnel are given a complete view of data and information from various facets of the Organization in a Central, single point. Ease of use is greatly improved in turn increasing the Efficiency of Business run. Business critical decisions can be made immediately and validation of data from various sources is made much easier owing to the integrated availability of facts, figures and statistics.
  • Free – Cost Effective – Freeware – No expensive Hardware needed
    Another major advantage is it that the entire Solution has been built using Freeware. No licenced software or Programs have been used. The KAAR Management Cockpit runs on HTML5 incorporating CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and JQuery, none of which needs a paid license to use. The only piece of hardware needed is one powerful system with Internet Information Server (IIS) installed for back-end server purposes.
  • Single Sign-on
    One single Sign-on is all that’s needed to access the entirety of the information present in the Cockpit. The necessity to remember multiple usernames, passwords, security questions, etc. is rendered unnecessary. Efficiency of information access is improved.
  • Security
    The family oriented structure of Kaar technologies has imbibed a sense of care and responsibility in our Top Level Management personnel. In incorporating the CCTV footages in the Cockpit and real time updates of our employee sentiments can be accessed by the Management Personnel.

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