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As content proliferates in a company, employees find it challenging to navigate through volumes of data and obsolete archiving practices.

Different departments need to extract and process content for numerous end uses.

That is why it must be streamlined, segregated and systematically organized in accordance with business objectives. Ease of content accessibility will create a sizeable difference in the long run.

Open Text Content Suite entails Enterprise Content Management solutions bridging image capture, document and records management, workflow, search and archiving. This helps in managing a diverse array of content, such as text based documents, images, illustrations, audio, video etc. in various formats by connecting a business advantage.




Harness the value of content to transform every segment of business
  • Accomplishes regulated cross-organizational data flows through improved archiving
  • Adapts information governance as per user requirements, integrating it into business processes and applications used daily.
  • Provides quick access to a secure and single source of truth, thereby augmenting business practices.
  • Provides insightful information to render dexterity and innovation.
  • Creates data uniformity with centralized classification of information.
  • Upholds security and simplifies complex regulatory challenges.

Our Offerings

Kaar provides the entire gamut of Enterprise Content Management solutions with Open Text products which fosters collaboration, interoperability and process efficiency.

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