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Environment and Sustainability Offerings

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management

Solutions for a Eco-friendly and Safe Work Environment

For effectively meeting reporting, compliance, energy, and product safety requirements an enterprise has to prescribe to a complete set of sustainability solutions for large and small businesses. Kaar offers an appropriate SAP suite with great tools for Environment, Health and Safety Management. This includes transparency with prepackaged content and mitigation means for safety, environmental and asset risks among others. The suite helps one integrate chemical compliance information, collecting energy data in real-time and uphold regulatory requirements with one source of truth.

SAP EHS Management: Environmental Compliance

This solution helps alleviate expenses and risks of environmental compliance for both single facilities and global operations. It ensures reducing a company’s carbon footprint to a great extent. The environmental compliance suite can transform to meet day-today operational requirements successfully at the plant and the corporate levels. Core features include tracking, measuring and monitoring emissions and discharges during production and transportation. It looks into the fulfillment of requirements and helps manage tasks, permits while guiding corrective follow ups.

SAP Work Clearance Management

The worker safety solutions suite helps fulfill safety and health requirements of workers and production assets, thereby creating a safe and secure job site. It helps eliminate hazards by actively assessing and mitigating risks, establishing control systems for staff, site and tasks, and ensuring the delivery of timely safety information and communication. This also helps bring down overall expenses and aggravates productivity.

SAP Sustainability Performance Management

With the great sustainability tracking metrics and measures of this innovative solution one can analyze impact and drive performances at optimal costs. Firms can easily automate data collection for credible reporting, and also enhance business performance by mapping strategic goals, gaining deep organizational insight, reducing costs and increasing returns. Thus, sustainability is a major driver and not a stand-alone report effect. The accountability and transparency created helps fortify one’s brand.

Product Safety

Product Safety enables firms to safely and compliantly produce, label, package, store, use, transport product while also disposing dangerous goods and materials, without causing roadblocks in everyday operations. This is done in a safe way – keeping in mind the environment as well as workers and customers. By conducting comprehensive substance volume tracking and registration checks one can help in meeting requirements and compliances.

Product and REACH Compliance

Product and REACH compliance software helps meet ongoing compliance by the implementation of product-related legal, safety, and sustainability regulations along the supply chain. It thus secures a firm’s right to produce and market the product. These set of solutions also protect revenue by addressing product and material requirements for REACH, RoHS, and others. It brings down compliance costs with automated processes and aids in driving controls and reducing risks with integrated compliance data and improved internal communication. One can consequently rely on credible information to gain visibility into material, part and product compliance.

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