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Achieving Procure-to-Pay Excellence with Configured Systems

SAP SRM helps companies bolster contract spending and procurement guidelines with a reliable supplier relationship management suite. This automated solutions position businesses at an advantage in terms of procure-to-pay processes for products and services. It organizes purchases while closing the loop from source to pay, thereby diminishing costs. SAP SRM reduces manual errors caused and also controls impulsive expenses. Kaar effectively manages your SAP SRM requirements and helps build a collaborative supplier chain – merging it into the procurement mechanism, boosting procurement and invoicing cycle times.

Procure-to-Pay Optimization

Procure-to-Pay ascertains procure-to-pay best practices that lower procurement costs by enabling supplier communications, streamlining operations, and effectively enhancing over-all cost management. With the facilitation of electronic transactions and collaborations, supplier relationships are visibly enriched. Companies can strategically utilize data across the board, from suppliers to procure-to-pay cycle.

Catalog Management

With Catalog Management, one can effectively organize and catalog data aligned with businesses processes, as well as render support to complicated hierarchies. It automatically synchronizes master data information and distribution capabilities, while creating a centralized data system. This kind of function is very convenient for data quality checks, intelligent image management and web / print publishing.

Self-Service Procurement

This will enable employees within the organization to purchase goods and services that they need through an easy-to-use wizard. Simplifying the shopping experience for casual users, this functionality helps drive contract compliance with a flexible, business rules-based approval workflow.

Operational Sourcing

Operation Sourcing helps in gaining visibility into company-wide requirements and leveraging automated and integrated source processing. It provides insight regarding the demand for goods and services from the various backend systems, thereby aggregating spends and streamlining the bidding process. It creates collaboration with suppliers to capture quicker and more volume of savings.

Centralized Contract Management

By putting in place centralized contract systems companies can easily drive spending with preferred suppliers and global buying power. Tracking usage actualizes savings and one can also keep tabs on contract performance and compliance to the negotiated terms and conditions. Further, companies can extend centralized contracts to backend ERP systems while controlling updates and renewal.

Operational Reporting

Different types of unique reporting are implemented to monitor purchasing activities, gauge contract compliance and achieve visibility on company-wide operational expenses and sourcing requirements. This helps in identifying better compliance opportunities and leveraging data access across SAP SRM and SAP ERP Financials. There is also authentication of access with role-based permissions.


SAP acquired Ariba, an industry-leader in online sourcing, buying, and selling. Now SAP users can access proven solutions and the many benefits of the Ariba Network, to support the whole gamut of analyze-to-pay processes in Cloud. The module helps in locating new suppliers, simplify transaction processes, and realize savings with Cloud-based procurement software. It helps in understanding strategic sourcing avenues and automating implementation, with integration of contract creation and management in a central data storage area.

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