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Meeting Demands on Time with Foresight and Customer Focus

Demand and supply is a rocky game. Companies should strategize based on insights and not hunches. To fulfill demands on time and consistently, SAP for Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides a great workflow. Its integrated solutions place the customer at the center of the business process lattice, connecting internal departments with external partners, and thereby allow effective and profitable running of operations.

One can anticipate and manage demand-supply changes only with key information from across the network. Kaar’s SAP SCM solutions improve transparency, optimize inventory, ensures supply chain integrity, fosters collaboration and promotes real-time decision making.

Demand Management

Demand is one of the main drivers in production and creation of goods and services. In order to forecast demand better one has to be equipped with the best tools for demand planning. Demand Management software helps in achieving the optimal demand to supply ratio. It also helps to correctly predict customer reactions to current and future pricing, markdown and promotions to gain higher revenue. One can thus foster collaboration with customers and build lasting relationships.

Service Parts Management

For more proficient management of extended service parts network having the right part in the right time and place is very crucial. This module ensures effectively marketing and selling highly profitable service parts and better manages reverse logistics and extracting more value from returned parts. One can also accelerate the supply chain with RFID support and develop superior strategies for picking and receiving.

Warehouse Management

With end-to-end extended warehouse management tools, companies can advance warehouse efficiency, optimize operations, and strengthen their competitive edge. One can get real-time visibility that helps decision-making and tightening controls over warehouse operations. For a better bottom line, inbound and outbound processes can be organized systematically. Advanced slotting labour management and automation capabilities lend to over-all efficiency.

Transportation Management

With Transportation Management, users can instantly access information about real-world constraints, costs, and penalties– while simultaneously planning and consolidating inbound and outbound shipments. Complex processes like transportation tendering, execution, tracking and settlement processes are automated with easy user functionalities. One can also create flexible transportation plans as per changes and ensure compliance with international trade and hazardous material handling.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability solutions for SCM support the upkeep of the latest product safety and regulatory compliance standards. It helps in reducing the environmental impact of products as it strategically redefines the design and manufacture of goods. Supply Chain Sustainability helps optimize supply chain and product lifecycles, reduce compliance costs and protect ones brand.

Mobile Solution for Supply Chain

Productivity and effectiveness can be developed by manifolds with mobile software from SAP, which provides real-time information and immediate communication 24/7. It helps streamline planning, distribution, transportation and logistics. From truckers and delivery personnel to transportation planners are equipped with real-time information such as freight details, update calendars, check plans, map routes and the tendering process is streamlined. One can access transportation analytics from mobile device thus monitoring metrics and carriers.

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