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Strategy Management

Priority Setting for Effective Decision-making and Follow ups

Very often strategies are mapped out for a business quarter and when it’s time for implementation, there is a deficit due to gaps between strategy and the actual execution process. To close this gap there has to be proper identification and resourcing of key initiatives. The need is for a single reliable data source for visibility and collaboration.

With the SAP Strategy Management software, Kaar will help in aligning your whole team – from frontline workers to top level executives on key objectives, and empower them with tools for collaborating and assessing performance. This will tremendously impact the responsiveness and flexibility through effective communication of priorities, targets, risks and pace of progress.

Business Planning & Consolidation

Soaring Profits with Streamlining Planning and Consolidation

Often businesses spend more time in closing the books at the end of each financial year than actually planning way forth based on financial positioning. Automated planning and consolidation solutions helps in organized planning, budgeting, forecasting, and the consolidation of activities for shorter budget cycles, quicker closures, and improved regulatory compliance.

With all of these possibilities Kaar presents the Business Planning & Consolidation module that betters decision making with what-if analysis, scenarios planning, improved accountability and planning accuracy. There is increased collaboration and data transparency as a result of which one can align plan with strategic goals for upping profits. It is available for the Microsoft Platform as well as SAP NetWeaver. Powered by SAP HANA, one can get instant access to pertinent data and real-time planning is thus possible.

Financial Consolidation

Getting Closer to the How & Why of Financial Events

If the finance team spends a lot of time brooding on resolving manual glitches and closing gaps in costs and expenses, then a lot of time is lost on focusing on strategy and analysis. To liberate the finance companies must invest in a powerful platform that creates faster delivery and accurate financial consolidations.

With Financial Consolidation, Kaar helps in reducing time and cost of closing and reporting cycles with accurate information and without sacrificing controls. Also, one can navigate multiple currencies, mergers and acquisitions, and evolving accounting standards and regulations – such as IFRS and local GAAP. It also fortifies investor relations by maintaining transparent data and also enhances agility across business units to adapt quicker to changes.

Profitability and Cost Management

Foresight on Financial Performance Empowers Decisive Actions

Even before one can take a business decision it is crucial to know the financial impact of one’s actions. A lot of executives are hounded later due to rash actions. Profitability and cost management solutions power executives to act resolutely with a clear knowledge of how it will affect the bottom line.

To improve profitability and cost management, Kaar’s solution suite helps focus on performance issues across products, customers, and channels and helps one get a clear picture of the organization’s cost drivers. It creates what-if profitability scenarios across multiple dimensions. It also lowers the cost of IT with shared services and aligns resources with the business demand.

Supply Chain Performance Management

Surpassing Expectations with Measureable Results

It is not just enough having a great supply chain in place but one must also have control over the over-all performance. It is essential to maximize the visibility of the performance metrics across the supply chain. This way one can monitor and manage performance metrics and respond effectively to short and long term supply chain trends.

 Kaar’s supply chain performance management solutions aid inactively reducing bottlenecks and risks, identifying new opportunities, and improving the working capital. It helps gain real-time visibility and insights from a centralized data repository to leverage root cause analysis for diagnosing gridlocks and resolving problems. One can also share content with and outside one’s supply chain.

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