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Business Analytics Offerings

Business Reporting and Analysis

Customized Report for Accurate Decision-making

There are various kinds of business report requirements of different business users and functions. SAP has multiple tools to generate the same, be it simple or complex. The reports are mapped to the needs of specific sets of users as per job profile and end use – junior executives, middle management, and senior management among others. These can be based on the quantum of data needed by the individual, whether deep insights or a simple dashboard view. Advanced reports allow users to analyze data and mine insights.

Kaar’s experienced analytics team understands customer business requirements and accordingly designs efficient and intuitive business reports. All these reports improve analysis and promote quick and accurate decision-making.

Kaar uses the following SAP BI tools as specialties in creating refined reporting formats

  • Crystal Reports
  • Web Intelligence
  • Analysis
  • Explorer

Management Dashboards

Intuitive Dashboards for Informative Insights

Different business functions need to be addressed in specific ways during the preparation of reports for dashboard representation. Dashboards can be created as per requirement for specific business function display such as sales dashboard (to predict future sales, analyze sales investment etc.), marketing dashboard (monitor campaigns and customer penetration), finance dashboard (track budgets, maps expenses and savings etc.) among others for niche usage.

With the application of SAP BI tools provided, Kaar has developed customized dashboards for CXOs and senior management to effectively monitor KPI, pertinent metrics and processes. Kaar’s analytics team closely interacts with CXO community to devise intuitive dashboards that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

The following SAP tools are used by Kaar in developing customized dashboards

  • SAP Dashboards
  • Design Studio

SAP Lumira

Easy Data Visualization for the Big Picture

SAP Lumira offers advanced visual intelligence that quickly retrieves and analyzes data with an easy-to-use data visualization model. With a few mere clicks, one can combine and visualize data from diverse sources, showcasing both intricate insights and the macro perspective in a single view.

Kaar helps businesses with quick decision making with this smart visual analytics tool. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface; one can develop creative visualizations, explore data, and share insights with the team swiftly. It features flexible visualizations, interactive maps and geo-locations, as well as quicker insights in mobile devices for rapid time-to-action.

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