Today’s HR transforms itself from being largely transactional to being an integral part of people. Sometimes, HR complexity limits organization’s ability to meet their business goals. This is because of unscalable, outdated and disparate HR system. Hence, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central provides a comprehensive global HR system that provides a single, holistic view of the organization’s workforce. Through this, it supports global workforce management and intelligent decision making.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central also provides flexible and extensible HR solutions for better visibility of HR functionalities. In addition to that, these solutions automatically support local and global compliance needs. This makes organizations to execute talent-driven strategies for workforce planning with embedded, insightful reports and analytics. In addition to that, it focuses on value-added activities that support business strategies and goals.

Features of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

  • One global system of record which provides an effective-dated platform across all the geographies, legal entities, cost centers and employee types.
  • Global processes and local best practices for the worldwide standardization of business processes on a single instance.
  • Consumer-grade enterprise HR which provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface with anywhere, anytime secure access.
  • Flexible architecture with configurable, extensible, and modular architecture to support unique business needs.
  • Improved decision making which inturn increases the business impact of HR.
  • Social collaboration for faster innovation and higher workforce productivity
  • Seamless integration which makes an easy connection to on-premise or a cloud-based application.
  • Continuous innovation with no additional cost or disruption. It also supports cloud-delivered enhancements four times per year

Thus, SAP SuccessFactors helps organizations to provide a streamlined HR operation and deliver a simple, extensible and global system of records. This, in turn, engages the employees and managers in a more elegant experience to improve the focus on workforce. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, download our whitepaper which encloses how you can “Reap the benefits offered by cloud without replacing your On-premise solutions”