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Across the world, public sector enterprises are beset with unprecedented confrontations and challenges. These concerns often ascend due to the presence of fractures in process efficiency and struggles in adapting to shifting business trends. Strategic cost management can achieve increasing efficiency and processing capabilities. There has also been a steady demand for financial and budgetary transparency as taxpayers and investors seek answers for their contributions. With the public expectations being skewed towards accountability, there is pressure on public enterprises to revamp operations, enable digital capabilities, reduce costs, and drive seamless citizen experiences.

SAP is a leading provider of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics to government and non-profit agencies. The SAP for Public Sector is aimed at improving government performance, services, and bring accountability to improve people’s lives.

SAP helps solve business challenges in Public Sector

Enhancing governance and accountability

Enhancing governance and accountability and safeguarding taxpayers’ money

Greatly reducing the cost

Enabling government to optimize limited resources while enhancing front offices services

digital self-service

Greatly reducing the cost of service delivery through digital self-service

faster time-to-value

Lowering TCO and faster time-to-value

SAP solutions for Public Sector

SAP for Public Sector provides tools and solutions to support a large ambit of business processes

Public Sector Budget Planning

Manage financial performance, control costs, and execute strategy.


Data-Driven Policy

Rebuild trust through evidence-based public policies based on data.


Policy Portfolio Management

Managing the inventory of established and planned government programs.


Public Sector Budget Operations

Optimizing financial resources to achieve transparency and compliance.



Create dynamic social protection programs based on integrated and proactive policy responses.


Omnichannel Customer Service

Provide world-class services to citizens with a great digital experience.


Contributions, Revenue, and Taxes

Increase collections and maximize taxpayer compliance with unified contribution, revenue, and tax management.


Achieve value driven results through Kaar Solutions

Kaar provides public enterprises with the very best of solutions, which in turn impact the citizens. The expertise of our seasoned consultants is based on niche knowledge and proficiency in industries in the public sector.

Our public sector solutions provide process and production efficiency while enhancing business results. This is a vital driver for productive execution to realize mandates and improve the quality of life for citizens.

With our professional services offerings, you can:

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