Gaurdian George

Co-founder & Director

Gaurdian George, a technocrat and business leader with razor-sharp technical acumen that complements his commercial acumen, is now in charge of Kaar Tech’s western expansions/entities. In all realms, George’s answers to tough business issues are singularly comprehensive and really out-of-the-box. He is generally praised for his talent in creating technological road maps and future routes for clients worldwide, which always align with their corporate vision and objectives. He oversaw Kaar Tech’s Centre of Excellence (COE) with such technological prowess, and his concentration on future, path-breaking innovations have always consistently advanced Kaar Tech’s standards reaching to new heights.


  • Class of ’92 Alumnus, Mining Engineering from Anna University, Chennai

Work Experience

  • 25+ Years of Transformation Experience across MNCs AkzoNobel, Philips, Atos T-Mobile

And More…

  • Keen Sports & Music Enthusiast
  • An Avid Marathoner and Fitness Buff