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Published July 01, 2024

KaarTech is Listed Among the Top 5 SAP Business Service Providers for Mid-Market Enterprises by Everest Group

Discover how KaarTech’s innovative SAP solutions earned a top spot in Everest Group’s 2024 report, recognizing us as a leader in SAP Business Application Services

KaarTech is honored to be named among the Top Five Service Providers delivering superior value for mid-market enterprises in Everest Group’s SAP Business Application Services Pulse 2024 report. Authored by Yugal Joshi, Abhishek Mundra, AS Yamohiadeen, and Aditya Gullapalli, the report highlights the significant impact of SAP’s mid-market services market, which has contributed over US$10 billion and is growing at a double-digit rate year-over-year.

With over two decades of SAP expertise, KaarTech has consistently demonstrated its capabilities in delivering transformative solutions. Our AI-enabled clean core approach for SAP S/4HANA, RISE with SAP, and SAP BTP adoption empowers businesses to streamline their operations and drive innovation with packaged solutions. KaarTech’s proprietary solutions, such as KEBS and KTern.AI, enable efficient and effective digital transformations, ensuring that enterprises can navigate the complexities of SAP implementations with confidence and agility.

The Everest Group report evaluates over 40 service providers, focusing on client satisfaction, transformational proof points, and recognitions. It is based on over 40 unique interviews conducted in 2023-24 with global enterprises, assessing satisfaction across parameters like implementation, support, innovation, and value for money. KaarTech’s inclusion in this elite group underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional value and driving digital transformation for mid-market enterprises.

For more details on KaarTech’s recognition and the insights provided by the Everest Group, access the complete report here.

About KaarTech

KaarTech is a leading digital transformation partner, specializing in SAP Business Application Services. With a team of over 3000 professionals, KaarTech delivers innovative solutions that address complex business challenges across industries. Our proprietary offerings, such as KEBS, KTern.AI, and KUPEX, exemplify our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Recognized globally for our expertise and strategic approach, KaarTech continues to drive digital transformation for enterprises, ensuring optimal outcomes and sustainable growth.

For more details visit: www.kaartech.com

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