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Kaar Delivery Model

Kaar leverages SAP industry expertise and embraces analytical rigor to solve critical business problems. Kaar has formulated a distinct value proposition, “The Kaar Delivery Model”, intended to deliver the agile development methodology substantiated by multiple “go-live” and regular cadences of work, contributing to earlier realization of potential benefits. The ultimate endeavor of Kaar is to craft a business transformation by integrating technology and best-in-class SAP business processes. With a globe-girdling presence and state-of-the-art delivery centers, Kaar’s delivery model dovetails a well-defined, unified business management system with industry best practices. This delivery model takes charge of end-to-end processes, adopting a follow-the-sun approach providing seamless experience across operations.
Equipped with a strong delivery capability in SAP implementation services, Kaar Delivery Methodology offers proven guidelines to streamline implementation projects.
The Kaar delivery methodology promotes:

  • Adaptive planning
  • Evolutionary development
  • Prompt delivery
  • Consistent improvement
  • Rapid, flexible response to change

With this methodology, Kaar implements standard, industry specific best practices during the solution deployment along with implementing features identified by clients in the requirement phase. This is done in a systematic, incremental manner and will “go-live” during regular releases.

KDM is based on a strong foundation of principles:

  • High collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Integrated testing
  • Integrated training
  • Faster ROI

Business Benefits:
The tangible and quantifiable benefits derived from Kaar Delivery Model are:

  • Early realization of benefits and ROI
  • Focus on early adoption and compliance
  • Integrated testing
  • Collaborative approach
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Effective Risk Management
  • Continuous education and On-Job training
  • Improves time to value
  • Industry business best practices for process standardization
  • Improved project governance

Key Success Factors:

  • Industry best practice process flow
  • Pre-configured best practice system
  • Effective change management activities
  • Scope control
  • Effective master data management
  • Project preliminary checks
  • Extensive Solution Manager usage
  • Using Global IT standards
  • Unified templates for global implementation
  • Effective quality control (90% minimum score in all test cases)

KDM Package:
The Kaar Delivery Model is a compendium of reusable components and operational readiness. KDM solution framework is in line with industry best practices aiding clients to streamline business processes, improve time to value, effective risk management & organization change management.

KDM Timeline:

The KDM timeline for every SAP implementation project is 4 months. Each phase requires 30 days and the final release of the project is estimated during the Business Process Fitment (BPF) which also depends on the product backlog. The clients realize investment benefits in 120 days from the time of implementation.