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Structuring organizational bonds and platforms

The complex hydrocarbon-based petrochemicals landscape is currently transitioning due to new value levers like evolving technology, market place exchange and plastic substitutions. There is also the ever looming blanket of volatility in feedstock supply and pricing, continued globalization and consumer demand rise in emerging markets. Of course political influences are a significant factor to reckon with because of trade restrictions, geo-political instability and amplification of environmental impact policies.

The industry’s epicenter has moved from the West to the Middle East and Asia, which has been a game changer in terms of production tactics, technology sharing, partnerships and mergers. Whether a global petrochemical major with a considerable asset base or a domestic giant in a specific territory; the company must be geared towards improvement in business forecasting and global challenges.

Petrochemical companies and suppliers must etch out their competitive essence by formulating tactics to outshine rivals. This means selecting a proper transformation route that leads to vigorous growth and innovation.

Kaar integrates various SAP platforms for operational excellence via process and product innovation techniques, enterprise planning and more, both within and beyond the organization. SAP services adopt methods that involve cutting across modules and ensure regulatory and environmental compliances.

How Kaar delivers value to Petrochemicals industry

Kaar Technologies delivers a business value driven approach, including proficiency in leveraging indigenous methodologies along with SAP best practices for the petrochemicals sector.

Our petrochemicals solutions suite enriches the company’s portfolio by expanding ecosystems, accelerating the implementation of novel ideas and delivering precise business applications.

Potential Outcomes

  • Optimized use of inventory for faster product launch
  • Better sales opportunities, profit and returns on assets
  • Reduced support and licensing costs
  • Tracks technical upgrades
  • Improvement in internal coordination and maintenance
  • Shortened planning cycles
  • Superior customer service