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Powering a creative digital consumer experience

This is the age of overwhelming digital media revolution with the proliferation of distribution channels, devices and formats – with new, dynamic rivalries in the media sector. The entire business has transformed with unique products and services, re-designed supply chain mechanisms and new media access points. Media is evolving and personalizing the entire experience.

These experiences are because of the interesting fusion of the exchanges of current and prospective customers. Changing consumer interactions from traditional to digital has altered consumption patterns and revenue sources. The call to action of advertising and media programming has changed due to aspects like ecommerce. Product interaction, sales graphs and repeat purchasing are from a fresh standpoint than what media houses are accustomed to. Simultaneous business and technology innovation is the only way to master the art of prospering in this complex industry.

A well-connected ecosystem is what maximizes enterprise value. Firms must leverage new business options that are rooted in digital transformation. Companies must uncover innovative ways to derive growth by focusing on areas such as multi-channel readiness, digital asset production, copyrights and royalty management, direct-to-consumer transformation etc.

At Kaar, we thrive on digital transformation. We harness our deep media industry experience from collaborations with media conglomerates, OTT majors and prominent publishers, to design and deliver the best of SAP based solutions that realize new revenue streams and promote enhanced products and consumer experience.

How Kaar delivers value to the Media industry

Kaar empowers media enterprises with solutions to successfully compete in the effervescent media environment while maintaining margins and cost effective revenue growth. With revenue content maximization, firms can gain a strong foothold in the digital economy with a competitive edge.

We also help clients to be the first to market with differentiated, customized offerings based on consumer insight. With mobility, analytics and other advanced features our media solutions suite leads clients to the future folds of the industry.

Potential Outcomes

  • Reduced expenses with greater operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced competitiveness and quicker go-to-market window
  • Increased revenue with fully monetized intellectual property
  • Greater consumer preference acumen
  • Better flexibility to encourage new business models