Consumer goods (CP) firms are under pressure from all directions, including empowered customers, new rivals, and channel partners that compete with their private label items.

To top it all off, there is still a lot of fluctuation in fundamental expenses, from raw materials to labor, transportation, and everything in between. Among all of the above challenges the industries need to focus on;

  • Providing great customer experiences
  • Providing beneficial consequences
  • Contend as an environment
  • Enhancing operational responsiveness

Combining the above prospects, a perfect plan for digitalization must be drafted to ensure consumer goods and the digital economy’s disruption. Companies in the consumer goods industry require strategic initiatives to promote transformation:

  • Modularize applications into a single digital application
  • Begin your journey by processing the data and progress to data-driven processes
  • Processes ranging from deterministic to predictive and prescriptive
  • On-premises management to cloud management

RISE with SAP offers entire business transformation as a service (BTaaS) to clients in a single bundle. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud suite, business process intelligence, technology credits, and other features are at the heart of it. The following enhancements are available as an outcome of your migration:

  • Inventory management in real-time
  • Network of supply chains
  • Traceability both upstream and downstream
  • Demand planning and optimization within a company
  • Cloud-based CPG services
  • Utilize current systems
  • Extend your existing investments

Now we do have a clear-cut view of the provider’s offering and the implementer’s requisites; well how do we blend them?

Before jumping in, we should also know what the Consumer Products industry is planning for the sustainable industry 4.0 implementation in the years ahead with RISE. Let’s begin to gain insights about RISE initiative;

What’s RISE with SAP all about?

Enterprises of the digital era have been seeking to operate their business computations through the cloud as digital transformation’s expedition has started for most enterprises.

Many small and midsize enterprises have already transformed into intelligent enterprises, while large businesses with multiple ERP systems and other corporate applications are still in the process of transformation.

SAP RISE initiative offers you “business transformation as a service.” More than its basic ERP features, RISE with SAP is about ERP as a service powered by SAP S/4HANA, combined with other intelligent business services to create value.

RISE with SAP’s strategy is designed to help you transition to an intelligent enterprise running on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, with access to SAP Business Network and services to meet your unique business requirements, including best practices, business process intelligence, transformation program planning, and a range of industry-specific cloud-based solutions.

Looking into the future of the Consumer Products Industry with RISE

  • Consumer data and insights: CPG organizations need a faster method to transform vast volumes of proprietary and third-party data into insight to deliver the tailored experiences that customers demand today. You may obtain a greater knowledge of each consumer at the moment and bring significant suggestions to product development using cloud-based, AI-powered analytics.
  • Sustainable products: Consumers aren’t only wanting more environmentally friendly products; they’re also demanding complete product transparency, including information on raw ingredients, worker treatment, packaging, and delivery. The ability to convey such information to consumers and demonstrate sustainability initiatives through QR codes and other ways can provide your consumer goods firm a competitive advantage.
  • Omnichannel shopping: The pandemic has hastened CPG customers’ transition to online and multichannel buying, and this trend is here to stay. Consumer products firms must invest immediately in e-commerce, data management, marketing, and omnichannel fulfillment systems to give their own seamless omnichannel experiences directly to customers.
  • Supply chain resilience: Supply chain shocks, increased costs, interruptions, and labor shortages are all on the rise. Nonetheless, consumer demand is increasing. IoT sensors, blockchain, integrated data, real-time analytics, and open partner networks can help counter these issues and give improved insight into risks by modernizing the supply chain.

Time to look into the innovations offered by RISE with SAP for the Consumer Products industry;

Innovations of RISE with SAP for the Consumer Products Industry

Provide creative and customized market solutions, automate procedures, and improve the customer experience to exceed consumer expectations. You may add value to your RISE with SAP solution by increasing company innovation with the following:

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations: To protect company continuity in times of supply chain interruption, switch from a forecast-based to a scenario-based planning approach with alternative what-if scenarios across key numbers and dimensions.
  • SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option: By integrating fleet and logistics management throughout your entire network, you can drastically reduce transportation complexity.
  • SAP Logistics Business Network, global track, and trace option: Reduce supply chain risks and costs by enabling real-time insights about the availability of resources and goods.
  • SAP Logistics Business Network, material traceability option: Utilize traceability capabilities for farm-to-consumer procedures to provide precise information about food provenance and processing.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management: Manage high-volume warehouse operations while also integrating sophisticated supply chain logistics into your warehouse and distribution processes for complete visibility and control.
  • SAP Transportation Management: Merge orders, get the most out of your transportation budget and properly estimate demand and freight amounts.

The RISE with SAP Value

  • With unified access to the world’s biggest business network, including supplier, logistics, and asset intelligence networks, you can connect and cooperate throughout your organization and beyond.
  • Reduce complexity by working with a single business to manage your service-level agreement (SLA), operations, and issue resolution.
  • Combining SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business Technology Platform, and SAP industry cloud solutions RISE with SAP achieves business transformation improves agility and responsiveness. ​

To summarize, many firms in the Consumer Products industry see Industry 4.0 as a strategic priority for turning obstacles into opportunities. RISE with SAP is all about transforming your industry with intelligent technology that allows you to acquire and analyze data across the business systems, allowing faster, flexible, and efficient processes to manufacture higher-quality, personalized items at lower costs.

The way humans work in production will change, with workers getting tailored information and decision support with smart devices.

Own your tomorrow with a guided journey and outcome-driven practices of RISE with SAP, to know more about the industry-specific solution, do get in touch with us!