The Engineering, Construction and Operations industries are working to turn concepts into tangible realities in today’s changing environment, no matter whether you are bridging gaps, reaching new heights, or achieving net zero. Also, they always prioritize completing the client’s job safely, promptly, and within budget among these other goals. To manage projects, lower risks and maintain competitiveness in this situation, EC&O companies require an integrated platform that supports the entire construction lifecycle. So, to confidently build your business, rely on sophisticated and intelligent software.

Thus, digital transformation is the only journey and you need a set of established strategic priorities to achieve all the goals. So, this article discusses industry-specific features for the engineering, construction and operations industries offered by RISE with SAP’s Business Transformation Service.

Let us begin by defining strategic priorities and their benefits for the engineering, construction and operations industries!

Connected Construction Sites 

The Engineering, Construction, and Operations organizations must accomplish one of their strategic targets, “Connected Construction Sites,” by the end of the 2025 vision in order to undergo a digital transformation.

To understand this strategic priority in detail, let’s consider a real-time example where – Abby and Gabby, who are working on a marketing campaign and have to develop a real-time analytics-based plan and present it to the stakeholders.

Abby wants to work on a marketing project together for a new event. But she discovered that “Responsive Planning” was impossible because of separated departments and a network that was only accessible to certain employees. She generally believes that in order for information to travel quickly, all plans must be continuously improved and shared. However, Abby discovered that the lack of coordination between R&D, sourcing, sales, manufacturing and planning resulted in lost time, money, and effort. Somehow, she managed to manually interact with suppliers, but this made collaboration difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous.

In Gabby’s case, she used a single strategical plan to make sure that all significant partners and resources were visible, agile and responsive. She was also able to expedite the planning process with the help of the R&D and sourcing departments. She gained a lot of information about the demand for purchasing, inventory optimization, and remanufacturing in the future. With the help of intelligent software, she had access to simultaneous collaboration with all necessary stakeholders and she was able to match project execution and sales with her own strategy.

To summarize, as the project advanced through numerous phases, with different stakeholders leading each phase, Abby met a lot of missing information. Manual procedures for review, commissioning, and handover are ineffective and prone to error. Gabby, on the other hand, was able to concentrate on teamwork during the design, planning, and construction phases of capital projects because of cloud-based technologies.

Now you may be asking, “How can RISE with SAP helps us?”. Here are the primary business capabilities they offer to assist you in reaching your objectives:
  • Create a cutting-edge construction site with prefabrication and real-time feedback to maximize the use of tools and resources.
  • Utilizing information as the project moves through its many phases with the aid of a digital construction experience to enable businesses to collaborate during the design, planning, and construction phases of capital projects.
  • Real-time booking efficiency has increased tenfold with optimized operating performance circumstances.

Top Value Drivers

The major value drivers in the engineering, construction and operations companies post successful deployment of SAP S/4HANA are:

  • Enhanced operating performance circumstances
  • Real-time booking efficiency has increased by ten times.
  • Higher Level Decision-Making.

(Note: Data was taken from SAP’s statistics)


To summarize, conclude making SAP S/4HANA your primary system will be a better choice for a more flexible, agile and effective organization as it also comes with regular partner updates.

To know more about how SAP S/4HANA or about other solutions that can help enterprises in engineering, construction and operations companies, do get in touch with us!