Many organizations consider that succession planning is just about training the employees to meet their today’s business needs. But, Succession and development management is all about meeting the future demands. It is a strategic plan to identify in advance what the employees have to know to be competitive. When the succession management is ineffective the organizations will have the vulnerability of losing potential employees. This will retard their overall growth. SAP SuccessFactors identifies the causes of ineffective succession management and gives a robust solution to overcome this issue.

Causes of Ineffective Succession Management

  • Succession planning is narrowly focused without any integration which lacks the process to tie the high potential employees into the development tracks.
  • Difficulty in identifying and retaining hidden and potential talent to engage and retain them.
  • Focusing only on high-level executives instead of concentrating on all the levels of the organization.
  • Employees not having the access to the right mentors or other learning partnership.
SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development management

To overcome this ineffective succession planning, SAP SuccessFactors succession and development provides an integrated succession plan which helps the organizations by providing the necessary features.

SAP Succession and Development Features

  • Talent-Search which do comprehensive company-wide searches to find the potential talent.
  • Performance-Potential Matrix to plot employees along an easy to read chart that clearly identifies top and underperformers.
  • Side-by-Side Comparison to compare candidates easily by dimensions such as education, experience, and more.
  • Employee Scorecard which provides important metrics for each employee in a single card like snapshot to review employee performance.
  • Instant Nomination which instantly searches for successors and nominates them on the fly.
  • Career Development Plans by which managers and employees can create actionable plans that address competency gaps and career goals.
  • Succession Organization Chart gives a visual summary of existing and potential leadership gaps.
  • Calibration to provide a visual and highly interactive way to identify top performers for succession plans and ensure an accurate rating across teams, geographies and the entire company.
  • Talent Pools that includes effective dating, custom fields, and more granular permissions so succession planners have more control over pool-based planning.

Thus SAP SuccessFactors provides the necessary features to overcome the ineffectiveness in the current succession planning. It then replaces it with the robust and enhanced succession and development management. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development, download our whitepaper which encloses “Top 6 Ways to create an Engaging and Next-generation workforce in your Organization