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QPMC and Kaar Celebrate Successful SAP Go-live

QPMC – well-known and leading construction Materials Company in Qatar has announced and celebrated successful introduction of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software, through Project QSAP.

QPMC engaged Kaar Technologies as its SAP implementation partner, to study, analyze, design and implement QPMC’s business processes in SAP. The Kaar project manager, lead a team of up to 15 functional and eight technical consultants at the peak of the project. Along with Kaar, QPMC partnered KPMG and Telephony ME for quality assurance and hardware supply respectively.

The SAP implementation, which started in mid-September 2012 and went live on June 2, 2013, is currently going through a stabilisation phase.

News Link:  http://www.gulf-times.com/qatar/178/details/364616/qpmc-introduces-enterprise-resources-planning-software