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Kaar Technologies’ Joint Venture with Ma Foi

Kaar will aid in delivering the advanced business model of Ma Foi's recent enterprise, that provides exclusive consulting solutions for the Manufacturing sector

Kaar Technologies, a global SAP consulting and services provider has partnered with Ma Foi Strategic Consultants through a Joint Venture to provide Enterprise Solutions for the latter’s upcoming business initiative. Ma Foi’s new venture will be providing end to end consulting solutions targeting the Manufacturing sector and will be functioning in the name of Ma Foi Connecting Dots Private Limited.

Ma Foi Connecting Dots will be a subsidiary of Ma foi Strategic Consultants and will work in partnership with Kaar Technologies to deliver their advanced Business Model. This model includes an application which has a cloud-based supply chain portal and an enterprise manufacturing intelligence solution. Kaar’s expertise in providing Enterprise Management solution will guide Ma Foi Connecting Dots in delivering its Business Model efficiently. The new initiative from Ma Foi Strategic will primarily focus on SMEs [Small and Medium Enterprises] and has a target of 250 crores for the next 3 years.