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Kaar develops Travel Assistance App for Hajj Pilgrims

Kaar Technologies, in collaboration with a leading water company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has developed a travel assistance app named Seqayat Al-Hajj. This app was developed to help Hajj pilgrims identify and locate nearest water facilities, public accommodation facilities and municipal support facilities across Mecca.

Our App, Seqayat Al-Hajj, is compatible with major mobile Operation Systems and can be downloaded for free from various app stores. This app has an easy-to-use and device-agnostic user interface and lets users choose either Urdu or English as their language of preference. It features four sections namely ‘Complaints’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Mashaer Map’ and ‘ ZamZam’. The sections ‘Mashaer Map’ and ‘ ZamZam’ carry intuitive maps to help pilgrims locate the water & municipal centers with ease. The contacts section has a set of pre-loaded phone numbers, which pilgrims can use to reach out for help in emergency situations. Also, the complaint section allows the pilgrims to report if the facilities lack proper maintenance.

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