Brand Identity | Kaar Technologies



The word ‘Kaar’ originates from Tamil, one of the oldest classical languages in the world. ‘Kaar’ means rain, which is derived from the word ‘Kaar Meham’- portraying dark and dense, life sustaining monsoon clouds. As the moisture-laden clouds engulf the earth, they descend in the form of millions of immaculate raindrops, which in turn nurture nature’s bounty.

The company’s logo is represented by a pair of raindrops, placed above the visual of a ripple wave. This symbolizes how a single drop creates a vibrant ripple effect upon impact.

It is the same guiding principle that Kaar Technologies imbibes in its quest to impact businesses, and make a difference by touching the lives of its clients and employees.

The first approaching raindrop is orange in color, reflecting optimism; while the second raindrop and ripple are maroon, depicting vitality, prosperity and growth – which is the ultimate consequence of the interaction.