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What’s all this Hullabaloo about SAP C/4HANA?

On 5th June 2018, C/4HANA was unveiled to an unsuspecting group of SAP partners and customers in SAPPHIRE. Frankly, I was surprised. After the acquisition of Gigya and Callidus Cloud, there was an expectation of an improved Hybris maybe two years down the road. But this fast a turn-around? Seems like the digital DNA is finally seeping into SAP’s DNA and it is turning agile. This turns us to the most important question and subject of this blog: What is C/4HANA? C/4HANA can be defined in two ways. From a product perspective, it is the combination of four market-leading CRM products [...]

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Does your CRM Deliver Customer Privacy?

Customer Relationship Management is an important strategy which aims at getting worthy customer relationships. CRM software is a rapidly growing technology for Relationship Management. There is always a need for high technologies to gain the trust of the customers.  There is a disconnect as most CRM software focuses on what a company wants and lacks, the vision of inspiring the customers. Customer experience is an unending cycle. And, here is a software which stands best among all the other CRM software – SAP C/4HANA. Are you aware of global trends to realize the customer needs? A digitized organization must understand [...]

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