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Role of Sports in the World of Corporates

In today's highly competitive society, the desire to succeed is overwhelming which increased the tendency of forgetting their work-life among employees. In order to enforce the importance of the work-life balance and provide a space for them to excel and explore their passion, employers are continuously looking for strategies that will help them overcome the ill effects of losing the proper balance of work-life. Any organization's wellness is dependent on the well-being of its personnel, hence they are focused on providing an environment that always explores and brings out the best in their employees. Let’s understand the role of sports [...]

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What makes an organization a “Great Place to Work”? 

In this emerging world with so many job opportunities, we all do aspire to work in a great organization and the most common questions that we all have in our mind are "What is our dream company? or Where do we want to work? or Why do we want to work in that company?". And most of our answers will have common terms such as - The best work environment, supportive management team, friendly managers, adjustable colleagues and all of the perks that each and every individual anticipates in an organization.    Obviously, there's nothing wrong with it, as we all [...]

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Understanding the importance of work-life balance

Ever heard about the term WORK-LIFE BALANCE, the magical term every professional strives for. Though the term is highly popular in the corporate environment, the fact is that doesn’t abide under the corporate sector alone it’s for every human whose working under a potpourri of industries present worldwide.  But why is this word a popular one? Do every one of them who works get stressed? If the work you do is a part of your survival routine where does the bitterness seep through the happy cycle?  Let’s answer all of the above, along with why corporates enforce maintaining a proper [...]

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How important is it for the managers to build a manager-employee fraternity?

Paul Hawken defines “Good Management” as “The art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them”. Likewise, we all are aware that an organization's success is heavily reliant on a dependable workforce, that is its “Employees”. However, the direct or indirect impact a manager may have on an employee's performance is highly overlooked. By default, they have the power to make or break a successful employee. Also, they are those who practise management by walking around frequently in order to inspire employees to achieve their attainable goals and [...]

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Every employee need a healthy break

A BREAK is a must-have word in any profession you take, and it's indeed a must-have refreshment for your journeys steeps and heaps. Well, if you are thinking a Breaks will keep you away from reaching your goals, or it is gonna delay the your progress?This wholesome blog is entirely for you, and we’ve also specified what kind of leaves are a must-take,  how to stabilize your work-life balance, and of course, in turn, how are you being benefited, is all that we’re going to talk about.Let’s begin with understanding the purpose of leaves,Why does Kaar Tech feel its employees [...]

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Explore SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Implementation Methodology 

It is clear now that companies are realizing the benefits of cloud solutions (SAP S/4HANA Cloud), which include greater agility, scalability, lower costs, faster ROI, and more opportunities for innovation – all of which are factors that fuel business growth and enable companies to keep pace with the digital economy. Above all, The question for them is not whether to implement a cloud solution, but when and how will it be carried out.   Explore SAP S/4HANA Cloud The SAP Activate innovation adoption framework expedites SAP S/4HANA implementations throughout the customer lifecycle. It has a consistent, agile methodology for any deployment type – cloud or hybrid. SAP Activate also offers [...]

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