How SAP Screen Personas benefit the Business Process

SAP Screen Personas, as the name indicates, personalizes the screen which business user’s work with. It also completely changes the perspective with which one looks into core business applications. The concept of screen personalization is gaining momentum across users throughout the globe, particularly those in key operational roles such as HR, production, finance etc. Though classic SAP solutions are user-friendly when compared to other solutions in the market, a business user will always be looking for a more user-friendly UI, more flexible and a simpler mechanism to execute their business process. Keeping all user requirements and preferences in mind, SAP came up with SAP Screen Personas. So, it is basically a UI tool that delivers a new personalization options for modifying SAP GUI Screens.

SAP Screen Personas screen editor

It is a tool which allows personalization of the look and feel of screens. Using this tool, we can hide unnecessary elements and also rearrange what is required by the user for proper business functionality. There is a scripting tool which is the most powerful aspect of SAP Screen Personas. This key tool allows a developer to write scripts and hence they can use it to automate tasks and copy data between screens and transactions. Though Fiori is SAP’s UX technology, using SAP Screen Personas, Fiori-like flavors can be developed to get the similar look and feel of native Fiori applications.

With SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP5, SAP has introduced adaptive designs which automatically changes the flavour based on browser size. Based on the authorization a user has, the display of the screen and screen fields can be restricted using SAP Screen Personas flavors. Thus, without any enhancement, one can personalize the screen using minimal effort.

Below is the original SAP GUI screen

SAP GUI Screen

We can personalize the above screen as per our business requirements using SAP Screen Personas.

Here we have personalized the above screen for an Online Retail Store.

The first entry Screen for an Online Retail Store is as below.

First Personalized Screen

When View Products button is clicked, the Product page appears as below.

SAP Personalized Screen

On clicking any one of the Products, we will get a List of products and then it can be added to the Cart and taken further.

If the Administrator wants to use the Online Store Page, then he/she will log in using their respective credentials in the above top right corner of the page.

This will take them to the Administrator Page as shown below.

Administrator Page

In the above screen, the administrator can navigate to any transaction just by clicking on the Tile present in Administrator Page.

The P blue icon in every Page at the top suggests that the system has Personas installed in it.

We can see a major transformation of SAP GUI Screens into an Online Retail Store using SAP Screen Personas. This way any kind of screen can be implemented in SAP using SAP Screen Personas. This makes it very simple to use without much effort, thus making it user-friendly.

Benefits of using SAP Screen Personas for business:

1. Using Personas one can access any transactions from any kinds of platforms.

2. It can simplify any of the SAP GUI transaction screens.

3. One can access the SAP GUI transaction through a browser, thus eliminating SAP GUI dependency.

4. Improves the productivity of employee by reducing the time spent on data entry

5. Reduce costs involved in training the employee.

6. Improve a company’s image and branding.

Creating passionate users and customers are crucial to any business. Finally, at the end of the day, the aim of any business is to make users happy and one way to make it possible is by using SAP Screen Personas.

Arpith D Bhat

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