How Real Estate firms are being disrupted by Digital Technologies

The real estate industry lags behind when it comes to Digitization, despite rising demand from customers for better, more digestible rising options. Nowadays,

  • The majority of home buyers prefer to conduct research online,
  • Property buyers are seeking easier ways to differentiate between properties prior to buying or leasing

The digital disruption that is happening in the real estate sector will go far beyond taking away,

“What you can sell”

It is set to completely reconstruct the real estate industry… Destroying the industry, as we know it.real estate digital disruption

Impact of digital age

All businesses are facing unique disruptive forces every day. The dynamics of the real estate sector, make the challenge of disruption particularly daunting. The Managing, planning and delivering activities require a long-term vision, which is hard to practice in this rapidly changing digital world.

The real estate sector is presently in a situation that demands them to better predict the future state and consciously adopt new ideas. The success of these ideas will depend on the ability to aggressively shape and drive future demand.

The three major drivers:

  1. Technology remains to have a huge impact on real estate. E-commerce has reduced in-store shopping, following in retail store cessations. Eventually, new technologies such as VR Cloud (virtual reality) could transform physical stores into empirical showrooms, featuring the sustained demand for a retail real estate.
  2. Demographic changes and choices joined with technological advancements, will also affect real estate. Many societies, especially in Japan, China and West, face fast ageing populations. More the fast ageing people, faster their real estate choices and demands change.
  3. With Globalization, wealth for real estate made its way across borders to a greater extent and also in reaching record levels in recent years.

The answer to taking hold of the opportunities arising from the provision of digital services while fighting the challenges of thin margins and intense competition is by procurement of an end to end Digital Solution, which will help you to move your potential customers from lead to customer evangelists.


Introducing the Digital enterprises starter pack. Here Kaar Technologies harnesses the power of SAP ERP and extending it by adding its own Marketing automation tool.

SAP takes care of the Project Managment and Finance Automation and Kaar Tech’s Marketing automation tool will help you move the customer from Lead to customer evangelists. The enterprises can accrue healthier benefits by using the Digital enterprises starter pack.

The benefits accrued by enterprises:

Kaar’s industry knowledge and marketing automation tool combined with SAP Business ByDesign will help these organizations by providing: 

  • 30% reduction in customer acquisition cost 
  • 2x improvement in the sales pipeline  
  • Deployment of new Digital sales channels 
  • 20% improvement in project timelines
  • Improved Workforce management & reduced costs 
  • Improved financial integrity and visibility with faster month closures

Furthermore, if you want to learn how the SAP Kaar Digital Enterprises starter pack will help you? Drop a mail to and we will revert back in a day.

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Savitha Babu

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