Start moving to Public Cloud – Step 1: Deploy SAP Fiori in cloud (Even if you are on a lower SAP ECC version)

SAP Fiori UX is SAP’s modern interface, initially released in 2013. Fiori was originally released with one or two apps for the foremost common business processes irrespective of platforms (mobile, Tab, and Desktop), then gradually expanded. Now, Fiori will handle most business roles. Therefore, it is helpful for organizations running on lower ECC to use a number of the business to be remodeled in SAP FIORI in Cloud to extend the productivity with the assistance of the enriched UI. For eg., SAP FIORI Application deployed to achieve the approval process of a purchase order, with the predefined unleash strategy in SAP ECC.

SAP Fiori in Cloud

Available SAP FIORI Apps supported in Lower ECC versions

SAP Fiori in Cloud Apps Supported in lower ECC version

FIORI Deployment Options and Recommendations

Some questions will be roaming in your mind. How many deploying choices are available? Which deployment option fits best? The answers to these questions depend on many aspects like the usage eventualities, system landscape setup, and also the general strategic direction concerning a cloud or on-premise environment. With SAP FIORI in Cloud Edition, we will have the subsequent landscape options.

Embedded and Cloud

SAP Fiori in Cloud Edition

An Embedded landscape where the back-end server with Gateway installed and the HANA cloud Connector are on-premise.

SAP Gateway

SAP Fiori in Cloud SAP Gateway

In the SAP gateway HUB, the back-end server and gateway server will be separate. All the components related to FIORI are deployed into the gateway. Conjointly the back-end server, gateway server, and therefore the HANA Cloud connector are on-premise, If you don’t have an SAP gateway system or want to decommission it, you can start to use the OData Provisioning service.

OData Provisioning on SAP Cloud Platform

The OData Provisioning provides access to back-end services. These are designed based on the ideas of SAP Gateway (HUB). However, OData Provisioning takes care of the publishing via the Cloud. During this, we’ll register each of the OData services from respective backend systems. There are differences within the options available in an on-premise gateway and in the OData Provisioning service in the cloud. Hence, before you start your implementation journey, it’s worth exploring this. Perceive which component fits your necessities and therefore the overall cost savings.

If you don’t have a gateway in your premise, OData Provisioning could be a Great selection. This is because it comes with cloud qualities like scalability, multi-tenancy, rolling software updates and so on. If you already have a gateway in your premise, you can still use it to expose OData services. In addition, you can have UI related components like Fiori launch pad, Fiori Apps and SAPUI5 libraries all hosted within the cloud platform.

SAP Fiori in Cloud SAP Cloud Platform Architecture

In the above architecture, HANA Cloud connector is the critical piece which helps in setting up an SSL Tunnel between the On-premise SAP backend system and the Fiori Apps hosted on HCP. Business data is only barely forced from the backend system through the Cloud connector and displayed on the Fiori Apps whenever the App is accessing. HCP OData Provisioning (HCP-ODP) service comes together with FIORI app and it acts as a Gateway as Hub on the cloud. With HCP-ODP, customers do not have to be compelled to maintain a Gateway as Hub infrastructure at intervals with in their premise. 

What is SCP? 

The SAP Cloud Platform formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an in-memory Platform as a Service (PaaS) product. Which connects to each on-premises and cloud-based systems running SAP or Alternative third-party software packages. The SAP Cloud platform helps to build, extend, and integrate business applications in the cloud. And also supported by multiple cloud infrastructure providers and enables innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. 

Here are some of the key Benefits (Public Cloud) 

  • Time – Fiori Cloud is helping to simplify your FIORI Implementation. You don’t have to be compelled to spend time procuring infrastructure or have to be compelled to have any kind of cloud footprint to urge started.  
  • Simplified and Lean architecture – Fiori Cloud eliminates the need to have an infrastructure for SAP Gateway, Reverse proxy or Mobile platform. You don’t need to install any of these components. 
  • Mobilize your apps – Once your FIORI Apps are deployed into Cloud, your end users can start using the apps from anywhere at any time with irrespective of the platform (Mobile, Tab and of course Desktop). And also, with this, the end users can start using the device capabilities – like the camera for barcode scanning or even build offline apps. 
  • Single Entry Point – You can now bring together SAP and Non-SAP business processes all under one single entry point – The Fiori Launchpad. It makes it possible to also brings contents from on-premise as well as from the cloud. So, we now have 1 Entry point and 1 UX. 
  • Leverage existing investments – You can continue to leverage the existing business processes from your SAP backend system which remains in their data center 
  • Upgrading the frontend server to the newest SAP components 
  • Cloud elasticity ensuring the best performance for customers 
  • Lowering TCO: the systems are often not utilized efficiently when operated in a customer’s data center, as they need to be sized for peak loads 
  • Maintenance – One of the foremost important benefits is around maintenance aspects. Imagine if you were to update your SAPUI5 library or apply updates to standard Fiori Apps on your on-premise Frontend server – the time, cost and effort to move the change all the way from DEV to PRD. Generally, some customers have 4-7 system landscape. With SAP Fiori in Cloud, all these things are taken care by SAP Cloud Platform. If there is a new Fiori App released, you would get it instantly as it’s a cloud service. The best part is the usage of the Preview Environment in SAP Cloud Platform. This environment provides options for customers to review and explore all the new functionality (two weeks in advance) before the official service delivery. 

Ready to Move 

As mentioned earlier, OData Provisioning ensures customers run easier by greatly streamlining the approach in which SAP Gateway OData services are exposed to SAP Cloud Platform. In essence, it replaces the necessity for an SAP Gateway hub (front-end server) in the cloud. Therefore, the total cost of ownership reduces, and also reduces the maintenance and security tasks from the customer to SAP. OData Provisioning is an option for using other SAP cloud services such as SAP Fiori Cloud Edition.

Furthermore, if you would like to leverage FIORI Applications for your organization, please contact us at 

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