How to grab a Deal using E-Commerce in SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is a piece of software lets you create fantastic, powerful E-commerce websites.

Hybris is a German company that sells enterprise Omnichannel and Product Content Management (PCM) software. It is a subsidiary of SAP SE. Hybris was founded in Zug, Switzerland in 1997 by five students Carsten Thoma, Moritz Zimmermann, Klaas Hermanns, Christian Flaccus and Andreas Bucksteeg who saw a future in E-Commerce.

Finally, Hybris was acquired by SAP for $1 billion in 2013 August and renamed to SAP Hybris.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a methodology of modern business, which addresses the need of business organizations, vendors and customers to reduce cost and improve the quality of goods and services while increasing the speed of delivery.

Value of E-Commerce


E-commerce refers to the paperless exchange of business information using the following ways −

  • EDI – Electronic Data Exchange
  • E-mail – Electronic Mail
  • Electronic Bulletin Boards
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Other Network-based technologies

What is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and making rapid inroads. The vision of SAP Hybris is to enable the customers to deliver contextual, consistent, and relevant experiences regardless of the channel or device throughout the customer journey

What makes SAP Hybris great? The answer is its unification of 5 pillars below-

5 pillars of SAP Hybris


SAP Hybris E-Commerce

SAP Hybris E-Commerce is about creating consistent user experiences across multiple channels.

Within SAP Hybris E-Commerce are five capabilities which make it a truly powerful offering:

B2C Commerce

Strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales with consistent, personal experiences for your customers. For Example, Amazon.

Hybris B2C Commerce


B2B Commerce

The B2B functionality of SAP Commerce Cloud gives your customers the freedom to save repeat purchases and buy in bulk while providing self-service and account management for buyers. For Example, Indiamart.

Hybris B2B Commerce


Product Content Management (PCM)

Store rich product copy, imagery and video to use on any channel.

Hybris Product Content Management


Omni-Channel Fulfillment

One system takes care of your customers’ orders across all channels. They get a fast, secure experience that allows them to choose between collection and benefit from fuss-free returns. Thus, you get to see all the order information in one place and have precise visibility of your stock.

Hybris Omni-Channel Fulfillment


SAP Hybris Customer Experience

With SAP Hybris Customer Experience, you can manage site layout and content across all channels and create highly personalized experiences for your customers. Therefore, you can get customers engaged with your products by creating a one-to-one experience that’s relevant every time.

SAP Hybris Customer Experience


Above is the five effective strategy to grab a valuable deal with customers using E-Commerce in SAP Hybris.

Now, there is humongous potential for eCommerce companies owing to the growing internet user base and advancements in technology. However, this will not be without its share of challenges, be it operational, regulatory, or digital. How a company prepares itself to meet these challenges will decide whether it succeeds or not.

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