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How do you decide which cloud platform best fits your enterprise’s goals?  SAP Cloud Platform

Think About Your Business 

The first step may seem a little counterintuitive, and that is to ignore the technology. More precisely, technology should not be the first thing on your mind. Rather, you need to think about why you decided to move to the cloud

  • In the first place – to simplify the way you run your business
  • In other words, the technology you choose is merely a means to an end

Thinking instead about your business scenario and goals – reopen your mind to the creative possibilities that can solve your problem. At SAP, the approach is “design thinking”, a design methodology adopted by many enterprises today that has become integral to how we work with our customers. Only by adopting this mindset of focusing on the business scenario without being boxed in by technical limitations can you explore innovative remedies and forge new paths. 

Consider Time to Value 

One of the key benefits of the cloud is time to value. Your expectation of a cloud-based platform should be no different. When we talk about time to value, reduced development time is often a key consideration. But, 

How about implementing a solution without developing it at all?  

Isn’t this why you buy software in the first place? 

Having an open platform that is adopted by both business and product experts can minimize development time and creates uniformity in our expectations of how things are to be delivered, whether in the way the application is developed or consumed. 

Today, there are nearly 500 applications available on SAP App Center that our partners built on SAP Cloud Platform. These applications can greatly reduce your time to value and maximize investments in your SaaS solutions from SAP. Many of these applications are extensibility products added to the family of SaaS solutions from SAP that cover everything from HR to procurement.  

You can deploy these extension solutions on SAP Cloud Platform and leverage the core functionality of the SaaS products to meet your enterprise’s functional needs or business requirements with little effort. 

Our case study on SAP Cloud Platform:

SAP ECC and SCP route optimization app for a Leading Manufacturing firm in the USA

Budgeting Solution creation for a Leading Bank in South East Asia

You can now have a closer look at the solution by registering for a 14 days Free trial or if you would like to know more about SAP Cloud Platform please drop us a message here

Savitha Babu

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