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For companies that want to optimize the management of their physical inventory, this scenario enables them to perform item counting, including approval processes and automatic financial postings, more efficiently. By improving the efficiency and timeliness of the physical inventory processes, you can also improve your inventory accuracy.

SAP Business ByDesign helps you to effectively manage the entire item counting process from

  • Count task initiation
  • Actual counting
  • Auditing
  • Recounting through to financial posting and reporting. 

physical inventory management

Physical Inventory Management – Scenario Description 

The physical inventory management business scenario enables you to count the physical inventory in your warehouse and is supported by count tasks. The warehouse manager creates a count document, and then the system automatically creates count tasks. Each count document can contain a number of count tasks, which an assigned warehouse operator accesses from physical inventory task folders. This helps to organize the counting-related work in your warehouse.

You can monitor the counting process and preview detailed information about the,

  • Progress and status of count items
  • Count documents

You can view the counting results, including any differences when compared to the book values. With this detailed information, you can quickly see and react to deviations as they occur and initiate appropriate follow-up actions, such as requesting recounts. Once you approve a count document, the system updates the inventory and the inventory records of your finance department.

Key Benefits 

  • Count by logistics area and product
  • Count of empty bins is possible
  • Completeness of an annual physical inventory count can be cross-checked with the stock overview report 

You can also have a look at ‘Superior Warehouse Management with SAP Business ByDesign‘ and know how a cloud ERP solution helps to synchronize the warehouse, and manufacturing tasks and gives more control over the execution.

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