Analytics Framework for predicting the World’s Energy Consumption: Case Study

Analytics Framework for predicting the World’s Energy Consumption: Case Study will talk about the Business Situation of the World’s leading Petroleum Corporation. And also how Kaar Tech helped them by building an Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Analytics System (E2MAS) portal platform.

Business Situation:

The Client is the World’s largest integrated petroleum and natural gas company. The Client’s scale of production operational reliability and technical advances makes it the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Furthermore, it produces approximately around 10.5 million barrels per day. Hence, it’s the largest company in terms of revenue and evaluation, with a presence in over 10+ countries.

Kaar built an Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Analytics System (E2MAS) portal platform, which would help the
client to get an insight into the global energy scenarios and economic policies. Therefore, using this data, the Client can plan and expand their refinery capacity and production quotas.


Crude oil Analytics


Business Objectives:

  • Build E2MAS portal platform which will support the client’s outlook on global energy and economic scenarios
  • Utilize E2MAS for assessment of energy and economic policies on the Client’s operations and investments
  • Make use of models such as global energy supply models, global energy demand, power and petrochemical models and Global Economic, Industry and Kingdom Macroeconomics models in the E2MAS platform
  • Perform storage and exchange of data, cross-model scenario analysis and also provide interactive data
    visualizations and reporting

Kaar Tech’s Solution

  • The process involves forecasting macroeconomic factors, estimation of energy demand, and estimation of required energy supply to meet demand
  • Co-ordination with 3 model vendors (Wood Mackenzie (WM), Oxford Economics (OE) and IHS) to develop and deliver as part of E2MAS project
  • Hence, the Solution proposed by Kaar consists of three major components to be accessed by the User- Scenario Design, Process Management, Dashboards and Reporting

After: Value-Driven Results

After implementing the solution, the client gained Analytical information, forecasting and estimation on demand. In addition, the benefits achieved were:

  • Analysis of the impact of emission restriction on the energy sector
  • Identification of investment opportunities for the client
  • Analysis of Geopolitical impact
  • Risks and Uncertainty associated with long-term investments in energy assets is analyzed

You can download the full case study here

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