How IT/ITes Firms are being disrupted by Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies have clearly let some companies disrupt the heck out of their particular industries. These technologies are often brought into the market as IT services, and then used to create tools that lead to further disruption. But

If you are not disrupting, then

You are being disrupted.

This is valid for all companies, including IT/ITes firms.

Companies providing cloud-based technologies, be it SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or BPaaS, seem to have a pretty bright future, compared to businesses providing on-premise solutions. If your business has not considered offering new services on the Cloud by taking advantage of its flexibility and scalability, you may be the one getting disrupted.

Digital Disruption and Digital Technologies

So, what is happening?

B2B customers – treated like B2C customers

New IT services and tools have proliferated and customers have more sellers to choose from. They are able to make decisions based on softer factors which are not directly related to the core technology offering. A recent report from Gartner titled “Digital Disruption in the IT Services Industry” says,

  • Clients no longer tolerate big IT projects that last for years before they see any benefits. They look for more value, faster time-to-value and more innovation from their service providers.
  • In some cases, clients are willing to look for alternatives to their usual partners to help them with more agile and innovative projects.
  • Gartner’s 2015 CIO survey found that 70% of CIOs expect to change their technology and sourcing relationships in the coming years. 46% of CIOs recognize that they need to work with new categories of partners.

Being an IT/ITes firm, all of this info should be great news. Getting to large enterprise clients and SME customers has never been easy with the old way you do business. Henceforth,  connecting with prospects and clients needs a more comprehensive digital approach. Meanwhile, managing projects require a more pedantic approach as more competition means thinning margins. A small deviation from agreed upon plans will lead to massive losses, which leads to years of drag on your bottom line.

The answer to taking hold of opportunities arising from the provision of digital services while fighting the challenges of thin margins and intense competition is by procurement of an end to end Digital Solution. A digital solution which will help you to move your potential customers from leads to customer evangelists.


You achieve the answer discussed above with the Digital Enterprises Starter Pack. Kaar Technologies harnessed the power of SAP ERP and extending it by adding its own Marketing automation tool.

While SAP takes care of Project Management and Finance Automation, Kaar’s Marketing Automation Tool will help you move customers from Leads to Customer Evangelists. Enterprises can accrue healthier benefits by using the Digital Enterprises Starter Pack.

Benefits of Digital Enterprises Starter Pack

Kaar’s industry knowledge and marketing automation tool combined with SAP Business ByDesign will help organizations by providing: 

  • 30% reduction in customer acquisition cost 
  • 2x improvement in sales pipeline  
  • Deployment of new Digital Sales Channels 
  • 20% improvement in project timelines
  • Improved Workforce Management & Reduced Costs 
  • Improved Financial Integrity and Visibility with Faster Month Closures

If you want to learn how the SAP Kaar Digital Enterprises starter pack could help you, send an e-mail to and we will revert back in a day.

Savitha Babu

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