How SAP Leonardo works

You might probably be wondering how SAP Leonardo works. But before we get started on that topic, if you would like to get a gist of SAP Leonardo, you can read our blog “What is SAP Leonardo

Coming to how SAP Leonardo works, The Leonardo Design-led Development Process is made up of four phases: Explore, Discover, Design and Prototype, and Deliver.

Development process of SAP Leonardo

Phase 1: Explore

Every customer engagement goes through the Explore phase to identify the use case to investigate in the Leonardo process.

Phase 2: Discover

Discovery phase of work in the Digital Design Zone includes a discovery workshop with two days of on-site research conducted by the designated innovation coach and a design expert. This research team will first interview and observe your business users with the goal of gaining a deep insight into the as-is business practices. And then, the team will synthesize the results to an as-is journey map and respective persona (user) descriptions. In the discovery workshop that follows, we bring together business users and IT experts to meet our design experts. As a team, we will review research results, ideate the desired to-be process, and finally do the first round of simple, paper-based, low-fidelity prototyping to materialize a use case.

Phase 3: Design

Design and Prototype Phase in the Digital Design Zone focuses on solution realization. During this phase, the SAP design expert transforms the outcome of the discovery workshop into screen layouts and clickable prototype. During this high-fidelity prototyping, the designer will be in frequent contact with designated business users and verify the prototype against actual end-user needs.

Phase 4: Prototype

Delivery Phase focuses on the delivery of a Proof of Concept or Prototype. Your team can use this prototype to demonstrate the value of an investment in digital technology. You can then test and optimize for further development after gaining executive buy-in. The engagement closes with a workshop covering the next steps, to review the overall service delivery and initiate any future activities.


Phases of SAP Leonardo


SAP Leonardo Industry Accelerators

Once the use case has been identified, the project can go in two potential tracks: express or open innovation.

Open innovation is where you do some deep user research and also build the prototype from scratch versus using something pre-made.

The Express Engagement really ties in these accelerators. The accelerators are fixed price bundles of expertise, software, and design services that are used to deliver Proof of concepts much faster than open innovation engagements. What’s great about these is, you already have an example prototype set up. Thus, you will be able to go through the design process and deliver a proof of concept much faster.

Now if you don’t have a use case that fits into an accelerator, it will become an open innovation project.

Digital journey with SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning software helps companies to meet a number of business targets, including:

  • Achieving customer loyalty or taking customer experience to the next level
  • Estimation of the efficiency of advertising
  • Automation of financial processes to let organizations focus on strategic issues rather than routine manual operations

The extensive SAP Leonardo system covers IoT applications, services, and technologies to meet all IoT needs and manage:

  • Goods and equipment
  • Production assets
  • Logistics assets
  • Infrastructure
  • End market
  • Staff

Unlock the intelligent enterprise with SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo combines next-gen technologies and industry expertise so one can rapidly transform their business into an Intelligent Enterprise. The Scalable approach to digital transformation meets you where you are – and takes you where you want to go.

It makes existing applications more intelligent, by developing new applications on latest technologies, and creates brand new business models.

“Get ready for future digital innovation – Innovate, Simplify and grow your Business with SAP LEONARDO”

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