How to delight the user with SAP Fiori/UI5 user-experience?

The Digital Era

“A great presentation gives smart ideas an advantage.” Instead of waking up in the morning and opening your phone to call your manager to know about production status which had happened last night, how would it be if your phone beeps with a notification enchanting details about production information?

It’s salary day. How can you credit your employee’s salary with just a click of your iPad/tablet?

Not just the above, every activity of your company can be digitalized and handled from your palm.

Digital Era

Yes, this is possible in today’s world with SAP. Welcome to the “Digital Era”.

In this digital era, devices play a vital role in running business smarter. For this, the most fundamental aspect is to provide information in a smart presentation layer. And that is where SAP Fiori/UI5 comes in. It helps in prompting information in your smart device with security and speed.

SAP Fiori/UI5


SAP Fiori applications


SAP Fiori/UI5 is accessible through any browser in your smart device. It is a framework built using a combination HTML, XML, JavaScript, and CSS. Additionally, it uses a bootstrap which is responsive. Also, the conversion of UI5 applications to mobile applications is very simple. The API Libraries of SAP UI5 are capable of consuming/ processing/ sending data from any database.

The SAP Fiori applications are pre-built UI5 application by SAP. The configuration in the system is as easy as plug and play. SAP Fiori also delivers a role-based, consumer-grade user experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices. There are more than 10000 Fiori applications are available in the SAP Fiori library.

Unique Capabilities of Fiori

Fiori applications are user-centric. The design concept focuses on the way employees work and offers a variety of business benefits like increased productivity, timely notification, and quick action.

Capabilities of UI5

SAP UI5 libraries provide us with more than a 200 UI components including chart, maps and etc. Thus, this helps in presenting the data smarter. API’s of the SAP UI5 gives easy access to the live data and presents it to the user with security and speed. It has strongly constructed the UI component which makes it easy to develop smarter applications.

The responsiveness of the UI component presents live data in any smart device to the user to make the right decision at the right time. The application doesn’t need to wait for the whole page to be get submitted because the UI5 uses asynchronous call backend to validate the data. Therefore, this helps the user to process the data effectively. UI5 API has the ability of two-way binding methodology. The main advantage of this methodology is that the user doesn’t need to send a new request for processing data. When converted to a mobile app, the application can also act as a barcode reader, biometric scanner etc.

SAP uses the OData to connect between UI and backend. The OData is a restful web service which accepts the asynchronous call and processes the data.

User experience is all about meeting the user’s needs in the most effective and enjoyable way. And, SAP UI5 does this in the most seamless way possible. Overall, it meets the user experience and also helps in increasing productivity, and making quick decisions.

Finally, if you would like to leverage SAP Fiori Applications for your enterprise, please drop us a mail at We’ll contact you within one business day.

Bharanidaran V

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  1. Vaidehi Srinivasan
    July 21, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    good write up. Would like to see a an article on Custom Fiori apps also.

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