SAP Business ByDesign 1805 Release Highlights Part 3/3

Being a SaaS product, SAP Business ByDesign uses a subscription-based model which is inclusive of regular updates from SAP. These updates happen during the months of February, May, August and November. Accordingly, May 2018 saw the much awaited 1805 release of SAP Business ByDesign. The latest release has many features that have been added and many others that have been improved. The following are a couple of areas the 1805 release has improved.

  1. HTML5 UI
  2. Web services
  3. Localization
  4. Mobile Applications

What’s new in 1805?

Let’s find out!

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HTML5 User Interface:

SAP plans on making SAP Business ByDesign’s Silverlight UI obsolete in the coming months. In accordance to this, SAP is focusing more on improving the HTML5 UI. Moreover, the keyboard navigation has been further improved. Furthermore, SAP Business ByDesign now follows the W3C proposals.

The following are some of the improvements that have been made are:

  1. Tab key to navigate through the UI screen
  2. Shift+Tab can now be used for reverse navigation
  3. Use of arrow keys to navigate complex controls like Tables and Charts
  4. Press Enter/F2 to switch from navigation mode to Edit mode and switch back using Esc
  5. Tab key to switch between UI Elements in the Edit mode
  6. Complex Control can now remember the last navigated sub-UI Element like a table cell. Furthermore, the Tab key can navigate back to the same on accessing the complex control.

Web Services:

The World Wide Web is a host to numerous applications. As a result of technology, it is now possible to interact with 2 different applications using web services. Therefore, SAP Business ByDesign was built with a standard set of web services that cover most scenarios. In addition to this, the 1805 release has some new web services to address additional scenarios. Some of them are:

  1. Service Product Valuation Web service

It is now possible to maintain service product valuation details using an external source. This web service updates the data using the Service – Company ID pair.

  1. Sales Order Webservice

It is now possible to use web services to create a new Sales Order. Prices for each line item can be set and the Sale order can be released in just one call.

  1. Customer Invoice Webservices

Details related to customer invoicing such as approval status, payment details and references can now be invoked using web services.


The 1805 release has brought a few changes in the form of Country Specific Localizations. The following table below gives a summary of the additional features that have been included in this release.

1IndiaE-Way Bill
Official Document Number for Outbound Delivery (GST regime)
2AustriaU30 Return
3BelgiumBELCOTAX Withholding Tax Return
4ItalyCertificazione Unica
DL50 Return
Super and Iper Ammortamento
5United Arab EmiratesFree Trade Zone
6NetherlandsLabor Cost Benefit

Mobile Application

Mobile Sales Order Approval
The SAP team is focusing on making the features of SAP Business ByDesign available as a Mobile Application. Following the 1805 release, it is now possible for managers to approve sales orders on the move. Furthermore, managers can now approve/reject or send Sales Orders for Revision in a single touch of their smartphones.

Yet again, SAP has made Business ByDesign better with the 1805 release. In conclusion, the improved features only raise the excitement and expectation of the 1808 release.

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Mohit Ravi Shankar

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