Groom your High Potential Future Leaders with SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

Succession Planning is very important for any organization to ensure that the organization has right people at the right place for its business growth. That’s why, Succession and Development management is considered as the heart of Talent management process. It helps organization identify, develop and retain talent to make a flexible and responsive workforce. But, many organizations don’t have the proper succession plan due to which their business may face huge risk in future. To overcome this issue, SAP SuccessFactors succession and development reduces organizational risk while improving their agility and competitive advantage.

Plan for Leadership Continuity

With SAP SuccessFactors succession and goals management, HR professionals can now plan leadership continuity by developing the top talent and preparing them for the future. This will reduce organizational risk and build a workforce to support and sustain their business growth.SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Planning also makes the team leaders plan promotional pathway for every employee in the team. By this way, they can also identify the potential leaders among them. This will increase employee trust as they feel secure about their future career path.

Accurate Evaluation to identify potential talent

SAP SuccessFactors succession and development identify the potential talent by conducting a company-wide search to uncover hidden talent. It then compares these potential successors by evaluating their overall performance and productivity. SAP SuccessFactors also use talent pools to have the pipeline of nominated top talents. By building this pipeline of talent, SAP SuccessFactors grooms the high-potential talent.

Career Pathway to Employees

SAP SuccessFactors succession and development provides personalized career planning and development tools which helps employees to find the job roles which matches their skills and interest. It also identifies their competency gaps and helps employees envision a path to advance their careers into leadership ranks. With SAP SuccessFactors development plans employees can close those gaps by achieving their personal and professional growth.

SAP Successfactors succession and goals management helps organization frame a pipeline of future leaders by building the talent which is needed to lead the future business. To know more about SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development, download our whitepaper which encloses “Top 6 Ways to create an Engaging and Next-generation workforce in your Organization






Mohasina Shahir

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