What are the pre-conversion activities that support a successful S/4HANA implementation for existing SAP ERP customers?

What are the pre-conversion activities for S4 HANA Implementation
Successful S4 HANA implementation occurs only if the end user’s IT team is ready to deal with the project and the resulting change management. Based on our experience with our S/4HANA customers, the following are some of the key project considerations which customers should look at before starting their S4 HANA implementation:

Clean up of data

Cleaning up the production database through data deletions and archiving will help end customers reduce the new HANA hardware costs and system downtime.

Review of Custom Codes

Review existing custom ABAP codes if you have an SAP ERP system, and remove codes no longer in use.

Right-Sizing of hardware

Sizing the HANA hardware for the new target system is important. It should be a meaningful exercise taking into account all factors instead of being a general rule of thumb.

Leveraging of Fiori apps

Fiori apps are one of the best benefits you could get from S/4 HANA. But to use this, a combination of technical and change management challenges need to be overcome. Create a comprehensive change management plan in the pre-conversion phase to avoid any end-user hassles during UAT phase

Checking System Functionality

Check the SAP ERP system for business functions, industry solutions & add-ons to ensure there is a valid path for S/4HANA conversion. If there is no valid path then the conversion is prevented.

Creation of Training Plans

Create S/4HANA training plans for business analysts, super users, functional analysts, developers, security teams, and basis technical teams.


The above activities will help you create a comprehensive pre-conversion plan for your organization. If you are still unsure about your enterprise’s readiness to move to S/4HANA, we can help you. Kaar has an automated tool which provides S/4HANA readiness assessment within 48 hours. You can request this assessment for free through this link and we will get back to you immediately.

Alphonse Raj David

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