Testing and Training during a SaaS ERP Implementation

TESTING AND TRAINING during a cloud ERP Implementation
Testing is an important part of any project implementation. Testing ensures that the application developed runs free of any error. This testing is done at multiple stages of project implementation. This unit testing confirms that each module developed is free of bugs.

Why we do testing?

  1. It ensures our client’s reliability and their satisfaction with the application.
  2. It confirms the quality of the product to be delivered.

Solution Test Preparation

The test plan is based on the end-to-end business processes. Our solution experts will assign resources to the steps in the test plan. These steps are scheduled by our solution experts accordingly.

Solution Test Execution

The test scenarios are executed as defined in the test plan. The results are documented and used for future reference. The issues are identified and resolved by our solution experts. This is a continuous process.

Quality Acceptance Test

This test will be done by departmental heads of your company. A test plan is scheduled for your heads by our solution experts as discussed during business process confirmation. Any issues during the quality acceptance test will be taken up by our solution experts.


After completing the solution check, our experts arrange for training sessions. These sessions will be directed to the users who will be given access to the systems. The training consists of presentations, workshops and hands on. A user manual will be provided during these sessions. The manual helps in understanding the system more efficiently. These documents will explain how each user should operate the cloud system.

Cutover Planning

A cutover date will be fixed to transfer all data from existing system to the cloud solution system.


This was all about the Testing and Training phase. To know more about the other phases and how they would be done for your organization, contact us or send us an E-mail at info@kaartech.com.

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Abhishek Srivastava

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  1. Kartik Rawal
    September 25, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Testing prevents you from unnecessary steps and mistakes. so, impementation becomes more easier and smooth. noting down flaws and problems can also help for better training. Thank you kaartech for this post.

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