Setting up the Cloud ERP Solution

Setting up the Cloud ERP Solution
Setting up the Cloud ERP Solution is a process that takes less than 6 weeks. An On-Premise ERP System takes at least 3-4 months (minimum), to be set up. The corresponding Cloud ERP Solution takes less than 4 months for the entire deployment. Once the Business Process Confirmation is completed, the Solution Experts will set up the Cloud Solution. This is followed by Solution Walkthroughs with your Company. This is a cyclic process involving multiple meetings with your Department Heads. The SaaS Solution is thus shaped as per your Company’s needs.

Solution Configuration:

The Cloud ERP Solution consists of end to end business processes. These processes are configured and customized as per the users and their roles. These business processes are well understood by our Solution Experts with regular meetings involving the Department Heads of your company. Integration with 3rd party applications is configured accordingly. The newly configured Solution is then tested in order to verify the seamless flow of data within the SaaS Solution and 3rd party applications (if any).

Solution Walkthrough:

The Solution Expert configures and tests the Cloud Solution. Department Heads are then taken on a Solution Walkthrough of the completed configurations. Multiple sessions enable the users to get familiarized with the Cloud ERP Solution ahead of the project deployment. This proves to be useful for your company at the time of User Acceptance Testing. It helps verify the solution and deploy the project faster.

Project Team Enablement:

The Solution Experts will constantly be in touch with the users of the Solution, making sure they get familiarized with the solution even before it is deployed. This helps the users jump easily from their existing system to the Cloud ERP Solution when it is time. This saves a lot of time and effort for your company.


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