Understanding SAP HANA, third –party Database options & cost for new customers

Understanding SAP Database
Customers, when buying On-Prem ERP packages (ECC or S/4 HANA) must buy databases along with user licenses & line of business products. The SAP database pricing model is based on total value of the license cost of all other licensed products. Ex: If the S/4 HANA Enterprise management professional, functional & productivity costs US$ 100,000 (after discounts), the database cost ranges from 5% up to 25% depending on the database you choose, If you choose to buy SAP HANA, Runtime edition for Applications, it is priced at US$ 15,000 (from the discounted price) which is 15%. There are majorly seven types of databases including SAP Database and other third-party databases:

  1. SAP HANA, Runtime edition for Applications (15%)
  2. SAP HANA, Database Edition (by volumes)
  3. SAP HANA, active/active read-enabled option for HANA runtime (5%)
  4. Oracle DB (25%)
  5. MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition (8%)
  6. SAP MaxDB (5%)
  7. DB2 (15%)

Let us see the product definitions of these databases

SAP HANA, Runtime edition for Applications (15%)

This is an SAP HANA platform runtime license for running SAP applications and the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application on SAP HANA meant for new customers. This license comes with SAP HANA, a runtime license of SAP Landscape Transformation software, and SAP Data Integrator software. It also includes SAP Adaptive Server® Enterprise, near-line storage for SAP BW, and SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator software.

SAP HANA, Database Edition

The SAP database, SAP HANA database, an edition for SAP NetWeaver BW, is a runtime license of SAP HANA that is designed specifically to be used for SAP NetWeaver BW running on SAP HANA. All data modeling, data loading, and data consumption must happen through the SAP NetWeaver BW application layer. Key capabilities are SAP HANA core engine (Limited to use with SAP NetWeaver BW), SAP HANA studio.

This is priced based on gigabytes of memories i.e., total amount of memory that may be used by the HANA Software, as measured in gigabytes

1 unit equals 64 GB

0 – 10 units – US$ 60,000 (One-Time)

11 – 20 units – US$ 50,000 (One-Time)

21 – 50 units – US$ 40,000 (One-Time)

51 – 100 units – US$ 30,000 (One-Time)

101 – 150 units – US$ 25,000 (One-Time)

151 – 200 units – US$ 20,000 (One-Time)

201 – 250 units – US$ 19,000 (One-Time)

goes on up to 1500 units.

SAP HANA, active/active read-enabled option for HANA runtime (5%)

The active/active read-enabled option for the SAP HANA platform enables SAP HANA system replication to support read-only access to the secondary system. It is based on the continuous-log replay feature and inherits its characteristics such as Fast take-overs, Reduced need for bandwidth in continuous operation, Existing replication modes: SYNC (with or without the full sync option), SYNCMEM, ASYNC This capability enables customers that use SAP HANA 2.0 and system replication to leverage their data assets at the secondary datacenter for reading operations. Previously idle resources at the secondary site can be utilized with this option.

Oracle DB (25%)

This is the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, including options such as Oracle Objects, Partitioning, Intermedia, Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Advanced Compression, Standard Management Pack, DBA Management Pack, Diagnostic Pack, Tuning Pack, Provisioning Pack, and Change Management Pack.

SAP ASE Runtime Edition (8%)

This is an SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise runtime license for SAP Business Suite software and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. It includes a limited runtime license of the SAP MaxDB database and SAP Replication Server solely for disaster-recovery purposes.

SAP MaxDB (5%)

This is an SAP MaxDB database runtime license for SAP applications and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. It provides access to a full-blown ANSI-SQL relational DB database system

DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition for Linux, Unix, and Windows

This is a runtime license of IBM DB2 database and can be used to power the SAP application landscape.

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