5 Transport Management System Mistakes Schools do

Transport Management System
Transport is one of the important services which a school provides. Parents prefer to send their children to school by school transport than a private one to ensure the child’s safety. Now, schools are depending on a transport management system to ensure that the service is provided to parents efficiently. It also serves the purpose of maintaining assets if the busses are owned by the school management.

Let’s see 5 common mistakes schools do while making their choice regarding a Transport Management System software.

Choosing Asset-based Transport Management System

Most schools tend to select an asset tracking transport management system software instead of a child tracking software. The difference is that the former focuses primarily on the vehicle (School Bus) whereas the latter focuses on the child traveling inside the vehicle. The main disadvantage of purely asset tracking software is that it cannot be used by parents to ensure that the children are traveling safely.

A child tracking software ensures that the children are traveling safely while managing the school bus as an asset.

Opting for SMS instead of an Internet Solution

Tracking solutions use SMS as a medium of communication between the system and parents. For example, when the bus is nearing a stop, parents get an SMS. This occurs whenever the bus is nearing a stop irrespective of the child’s presence in it, resulting in unnecessary SMS messages. Though an SMS based solution ensures 100% communication, it does not provide tracking facility for the parents.

Schools have to select the solution which ensures 100% communication while giving the option for parents to track the vehicle and the child in real time. This is achieved by an internet solution.

Not selecting a Mobile Solution

While choosing the software, schools need to ensure that the solution works seamlessly on Laptop as well as Mobile. Most of the schools select software that is built for Laptop / Desktop and this software does not render well on mobile.

With increased mobile penetration, parents prefer to access the services over their mobile than laptops as it offers easy access anywhere. Schools need to ensure that all features of the software work on laptop/desktops and on mobile. The transport administrator will also be able to use the software more efficiently on mobile than with a laptop.

Preferring RFID over IoT based Solution

Schools are always attracted by RFID based vehicle attendance systems due to their limited knowledge of IoT based solutions.

An IoT based solution is better because:

-it is sensor based and has less probability of malfunctioning

-it is very easy to implement and maintain

-the cards are read by the reader automatically

-does not require extensive wiring as in the case

Preferring low cost instead of quality

Schools have a tendency to choose software which cost less from fresh graduates or from other sources. This proves to be counter-productive in the long run as quality and continuous support may not be available. This is exactly why a reputed software is better since it is more reliable and is better serviced over a long duration at a marginally higher cost. With the big picture in mind, this reputed software is the better option.


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