Are Mobile Apps Necessary For schools?

With the growing influence of mobile and technology, schools are wondering if they should incorporate mobile apps into their system. The following factors will help in making the decision:

Real-Time Communication

Parents expect schools to provide transparent updates on the progress of their children. However, most parents today don’t have the time to meet teachers at school to understand their child’s performance and behavior. However, they expect constant updates and it’s the school’s responsibility to provide the same.

Mobile Apps help schools to provide such updates on a real-time basis to the parents.

Efficient Administration

It is difficult for teachers to concentrate on teaching when they are expected to perform excessive administrative duties. The following are some of the administrative functions which teachers are performing on a day to day basis:

-Maintenance of Attendance Records

-Creating circulars to update information

-Communication with parents

-Money collection for various activities

-Coordination with the Transport Department

-Handling of Transport Management System Software

-Daily Schedule Maintenance

-Scheduling and Assessment of Tests

A good mobile app is of paramount importance for schools which want to reduce the teacher’s burden regarding the above activities.

Relationship Management

In earlier days, parents used to handover complete responsibility for their child’s development to the school which their children attend. Nowadays (in the ultra-competitive world), parents share equal responsibility in the overall development of their children. In this context, it is important for schools to maintain a better relationship with parents in order to work together towards the child’s development. Parents expect “Five Star” treatment/hospitality from schools and this is impossible to provide without an efficient mobile app.

The mobile apps enable efficient communication on a real-time basis to help nurture parent-teacher relationships. Apps can help communicate about:

-Homework and Study plan

-Real-time attendance notification

-Special events or performance

-Test dates and results

-Special classes for weak students

Thus it becomes clear that mobile apps are not only necessary but at some point in time during the future, it could become a mandatory norm to maintain.

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