Why Do Schools Want Attendance Sheet Automation?

The way students attendance sheet has been maintained in schools has more or less been same over the years. Recently, schools are turning towards attendance sheet automation to simplify the process for teachers, students, and parents.There are many softwares claiming to achieve attendance sheet automation in schools. However, 95% percent of them automate only one part of the attendance system.

To understand more, let us understand the different attendance processes in detail.

Manual Attendance Sheet Maintenance

The manual method of attendance recording in 95% of schools is explained below:

-Each class is provided with an attendance register

-Teachers are expected to take and mark attendance in the morning

-The administration department collects the registers and forms absentee lists

-Information is passed to parents by SMS/Mail

The main disadvantage of this system is the delay in information delivery after attendance is taken. It is also prone to errors since it depends on manual processes by the school teacher and administrative staff in charge of attendance.

Semi-Automated Attendance

In such a system, teachers are provided with mobile apps or a web portal where they mark attendance directly. Once teachers complete the attendance process, SMS or app notifications are sent to parents.

The drawback of this system is that it only partially automates the attendance process (Instead of marking in registers, teachers directly mark in apps or portals). This method is also prone to manual errors as teachers mark attendance manually in the system.

Semi-Automated Attendance using RFID

In this kind of system, each student is provided with an RFID card. They are expected to scan their cards at a reader to mark their attendance. A notification is sent out to parents whenever their child completes the scan.

The problem with this system is that students have to be disciplined and scan their ID card every day. This kind of discipline is very hard to achieve in schools.

Automated Attendance

In an automated attendance system, attendance information is communicated to parents in real time without any manual intervention. This was considered a myth for decades but is now a reality due to the growth of Internet of Things ( IoT ) and it’s solutions.

In IoT based attendance automation, every child is provided with an intelligent ID card which emits negligible non-harmful signals continuously. Schools are installed with IoT based sensors at appropriate locations. When a child wearing an ID card comes near a reader, the identity of the child is verified and the information is passed to servers and to parents in real time.

Therefore, it is clear how attendance sheet automation is the future of attendance maintenance in schools and why schools are looking to implement them.

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