Business and Technology Alliances | Kaar Technologies


Alliances capacitate enterprises in increasing business connectivity and knowledge sharing, thus magnifying latent potentials and strategic objectives.

Kaar Technologies has embarked on a determined journey of excellence in crafting visionary business solutions for global markets. To realize these lofty standards of distinction and finesse, we collaborate with leading business and technology partners. We create joint investments in R&D, share vendor networks and distribution channels, optimize economies of scale, streamline processes and in turn bring about a stimulating wave of growth in the quality of our products and services.

Business Alliances


Al-Bilad Arabia Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia

A leading IT services provider, Al-Bilad Arabia Co. Ltd. offers high-end solutions across Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries that allow enterprises to define appreciable operational transformations. The client-focused consultants cater to small, medium and large enterprises with robust process analytics and SAP insight, together with swift implementation, upgrades and enterprise support.


Baas International, Saudi Arabia

Baas International is a turnkey logistics giant in the MENA regionwith a dynamic IT arm, focused at providing pragmatic and effectual business solutions in the complex global business environment. With top-tier talent, superior programming platforms and strategic thinking, Baas has the proven ability to innovate services that elevate businesses to incredible heights.


Phobos, Netherlands

Phobos Information Service is a Dutch market leader in consulting, implementation and management of SAP systems, as well as a domain expert in SAP training. Phobos is a hub of the technology-based business revolution in Europe,leveraging the idea of applying smart strategy at every level of automating processes, resulting in significant growth facilitators.

Technology Alliances



SAP is the world’s largest business software company and the third largest software provider, with the DNA to create strategic business breakthroughs for all types of industries in every global market for over 40 years. The software giant is best known for enterprise resource planning application and management systems, enterprise data warehousing, in-memory computing applications and mobility focused products amongst others, which have changed the face of global business landscape.



Apigee is the leading provider of the Application Programming Interfaces (API) technology and services. They develop intelligent API platforms to accelerate the pace of digital business. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Apigee helps businesses from disruptive start-ups to the Fortune 100 to securely share data and services across a myriad devices and channels. Many of the world’s largest organizations have selected Apigee to enable their digital business, including 23 of the Fortune 100, five of the top 10 Global 2000 retail companies, and five of the top 10 global telecommunications companies.

Cloud Alliances


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services that jointly make up a comprehensive cloud-computing platform, functioning over the Internet by online giant Amazon. The service renders enormous computing capacity and offers customized products and services as per technological requirements.

NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Private Limited

NxtGen is an emerging leader in data center and cloud-based services that help powering businesses to grow by cutting through complexity and saving on cost. As India’s first SAP certified infrastructure operations services provider, NxtGen helps organizations simplify their IT infrastructure and provides the right public or private infrastructure to facilitate organizations meet dynamic business demands

Mobility Alliances


Airwatch by Vmware is a leading enterprise mobility management provider. Airwatch solutions seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems and allows enterprises to manage all devices, regardless of type, platform and ownership, from one central console.

Analytics Alliances


Fujitsu is the leading IT infrastructure provider serving large, medium-sized and small businesses across the world. The company offers a full portfolio of IT products, business solutions and services, ranging from workplace systems to datacenter solutions, managed services, and cloud-based software and solutions.