Benefits of using SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

SAP Cloud Platform mobile services (SCP Mobile Services) for development and operations is an open, standards-based cloud platform that enables simple mobile application development, configuration, and management.

How does SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services help your organization enhance mobility solutions?

SCP mobile services Support

  • Full cloud scenarios- The whole system is on the cloud platform
  • Hybrid cloud scenarios- On-premise system connects to SAP Cloud Platform
  • Multi-cloud scenarios-The Backend system resides on the third-party cloud platform

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services Overview

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services (SCP Mobile Services) provide reusable building blocks that enhance the mobile user experience like

  • Offline Data synchronization for apps
  • Push Notifications
  • Enterprise Security

Offline Apps

Today, most top rated modern apps will work offline. If not, they will display cached data. This helps to enhance the user experience and result in serious business benefits.

Why offline Apps?

Business doesn’t always happen where networks exist

Even in the world’s most developed countries, cities have data connectivity issues due to the crowded population, coverage variations, zero reception zones, unreliable connections, and problems incurred through traveling.

So, the apps built should have some offline fallback mechanism.

SAP Cloud Platform SCP App development


  • Synchronize with backend services and run them locally on a device.
  • The client database is UltraLite (optionally encrypted).
  • Offline OData services work in both read and write mode, allowing users to enter data on their device. When the user comes back online, OData updates are played back to the originating OData service.

Push notification

Push notifications can engage users and share important information based on their anticipated questions or needs. Admin can send Emergency updates and Scheduled reminders to the users via push notification

SAP Cloud platform mobile services for development and operations uses the native notification mechanisms APNS, FCM and WNS provided by the individual device platforms for iOS, Android, and Windows respectively, to forward push notifications it receives from notification provides ( back-end systems) to mobile devices

SAP Cloud Platform SCP Push Notifications

Secured access to your enterprise data

SCP Mobile services give a secure mobile data access. Through this access, you can securely connect and authenticate against SCP to access the backend system irrespective of whether it is on-premise or on a cloud system.

Secured integration

Cloud users can authenticate with on-premise credentials by using this service as a proxy to other cloud or on-premises identity providers.

Easy consumer  and partner on-boarding via self-service

Enable self-registration for consumer-facing scenarios and onboard partners using an on-behalf registration capability.

Two-factor authentication

After the user enters the correct credentials, they must enter a one-time passcode to invoke the application.


As an overview, SAP Cloud Platform mobile services (SCP Mobile Services) is an infrastructure to run the mobile app to access on-premise data or any cloud oData service. In addition, it is built on open standards like OData, HTTP, SAML etc. Therefore, it is easy for the development team to integrate their existing solution to SCP mobile services.

If you would like to learn more about how SCP can be best leveraged for your organization, please send us an email at or send us a message.

Santhosh Kumar M

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  1. Alan
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    The cloud platform is much safer because the server-side attack becomes nearly impossible still they are increasing the security in their systems. If you face Skype Mic Not Working while using the system then there is a very good solution for you.

  2. Martha
    December 3, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    I totally agree about the safety of cloudy platforms. It is very common nowadays using them in businesses. But we don’t have to forget that the threat always exists. So be careful with your data and all the important information. You don’t have to give unlimited trust to any app or technology. AND PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE DEVELOPERS whom YOU TRUST PROJECTS OR IDEAS of yours.

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