Why SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence(xMII) ?

Do you feel the heat of the Globe on your plant cost, effectiveness, and responsiveness?  

What if your Manufacturing nodes are pushed out to locations far away from the management visibility? Would you still have seamless communication between the management and the production house? Will this distance wither the control of one over the other?  

If these are some of the questions causing you nightmare on your up and running Manufacturing business, then this blog shall give you a cut in the teeth in one of the most viable solutions brought out by SAP. 

Technical insiders commonly pronounce this as SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (referred as xMII going forward ).  

Shop-floor to Top-floor

The most common expectation in any manufacturing industry today is the communication flow routed from the Shop Floor to the rest of organizational hierarchy. This till few years back has been involving manual interference. However, the pressure to optimize the reduction process forces the operating concern to move for a robust technology. Also, this technology should be involved in the integration of all the processes and be accessible at any given time.  

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence(xMII) act as a data hub between the ERP and shop floor machines. With Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence( xMII), the process of integration shall collect data from the production operations. In addition to that, it also helps manufacturers monitor the production process with its intelligence capabilities. These capabilities include KPI monitors, alerts, events, visualization services and analytics services. This, in turn, increases the visibility of the shop floor operations to the management for various business-oriented reasons. 

How xMII designed??  –  A user’s perspective  

xMII, an extended functionality of NetWeaver platform, helps in running adaptive manufacturing process with integration and intelligence. 

SAP MII Architecture

As inferred from the name (xMII), it delivers two application components which are Manufacturing Integration and Manufacturing Intelligence. Manufacturing Integration provides interoperability between the shop floor (real-time plant data, legacy data) and enterprise ERP. Similarly, manufacturing Intelligence with its UI-enriched capabilities allow decision-makers to study analytical KPIs, alerts & also collects real-time information from production processes. 

Why does xMII stand as a Frontrunner in the race? 

How does xMII shape-up the conventional Business Process?  

With the below-extended features, xMII simplifies the manufacturing operations  

  • SSCE – Self Service component environment facilitates dashboard creation, analysis graphs in a simple way.  
  • Manufacturing Interface monitor – Simplified user experience, designed with SAP UI5 to monitor the production process
  • OEE – Overall equipment effectiveness measures the equipment’s performance and analysis of real-time information from the shop-floor.


Where does xMII stand at present?  

xMII tracks each pace of the manufacturing process with sensors and monitors forthwith the live data and run the live Business. 

Digitalizing Manufacturing Process by integrated industrial IoT solutions with SAP MII

How do I keep pace with the technology of tomorrow?  

If you are running manufacturing business and interested in moving closer to the digitization in process , please reach out to your Business Experts at “KAAR Technologies India Pvt. Ltd” – Authorized SAP Partner. We have been working shoulder to shoulder with various manufacturing sectors around the globe in SAP domain for the last decade.  Contact us to explore more about how xMII suits your Business!  

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